The 10 Best Baby Safety Products to Invest In

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With a new one on the way or a little one getting ready to enter the crawling stage, it’s time to start considering some baby safety products. When your baby becomes a toddler, your entire home will need to be baby proofed. Those little ones can get into just about anything and everything, even the hard-to-reach drawers.

If they’re determined, they will find a way. Although you want your little one to have a full range to explore and learn, you have to keep their safety in mind. In order to let them experience the world freely without the worry of injuries, continue reading this guide below.

Here’s a list of the top baby safety products you’ll want to grab from the stores ASAP!

  1. Corner Guards

As your baby learns to crawl, pull themselves up, and walk, you’ll need to protect them against any sharp corners in the home. Trying to think off the top of your head how many corners there are might be a bit difficult because they’re something we don’t tend to think twice about.

Take a few moments to walk around your home and tally up how many sharp corners there are. Check all your tables, nightstands, entertainment centers, dressers, and more. Then, buy enough corner guards to cover them with.

Corner guards stick to the corners and provide a cushion. Once your baby is old enough, you can then easily remove them.

  1. Furniture Straps

When babies are first learning how to walk, they’ll begin to pull themselves up on just about everything. They’ll raise their little hands and grab hold of what they can before pulling themselves up. It’s important that each piece of furniture in the home is secured so it doesn’t fall over onto your baby when they do so.

Furniture straps screw into your furniture and then into the wall behind as well. This will hold them in place. No matter how much weight pulls down on them, the straps will keep the furniture secured.

  1. Outlet Covers

Wall outlets make for the perfect place to stick small objects into, and your child will try if given the chance. Due to the dangers associated with this, it’s important you do everything you can to avoid this from happening. Outlet covers are pieces of plastic that plug into the open outlets.

The plastic cover locks in place and your baby will no longer have access to the dangers the outlets hold. When you need to use the outlet, simply pop the cover off and then replace it when done. Removing the cover might take a few minutes, but it’s worth it for your baby’s safety.

  1. Floor Mats

The floor is one of the safest places for your baby to place because they can’t roll off or fall off of anything. However, floors can still pose a danger to your baby if they trip, slip, or fall down on their own. If you have hard floors in your home, then place a few baby floor mats down.

These mats fit together like puzzle pieces, so you can create as little or big of a space as needed. You can then use a baby gate system to create a playpen for your little one with a cushioned floor.

  1. Cord Covers

If you have electronics in your home, then you most likely have a few cords showing here or there. Loose cords in plain sight might attract your baby. You don’t want your baby playing with them, so it’s best to have them covered up and out of sight!

Cord covers will hide your cords from your baby, conceal them in a plastic cover, and will tidy up the space for you as well.

  1. Doorknob Covers

Now that you have a walker on your hands, you’ll have to worry about them opening doors and getting into rooms off-limits to them, such as your office or the bathroom. Even if you shut the doors, your little one will learn quickly how to turn the knob and open the doors.

Doorknob covers are plastic pieces that hook around the doorknobs. In order to open the door, you must squeeze the cover together and then turn. Otherwise, the cover will just spin around and you won’t be able to turn the knob.

Place them on bedrooms, bathrooms, and exterior doors as well.

  1. Drawer and Cabinet Stoppers

Other doors your baby will love to open are all your drawers and cabinets. Because these drawers and doors pull open, you’ll need to place stoppers on them. There are a few different types of drawer and cabinet stoppers you can try out.

Most of them are small plastic pieces that attach to the inside of the cabinet or drawer, preventing little ones from opening them.

  1. Baby Monitors

When your baby is sleeping in the nursery and you’re in your room or another part of the house, you’ll want a way to keep eyes and ears on them. Baby monitors are ideal for this task. A baby breathing monitor will even monitor your baby’s breathing along with video and audio.

With this type of safety, you can then go about your day cleaning or relaxing without worrying about your baby sleeping in the nursery.

  1. Baby Bed Rails

Once your baby gets a bit older, you’ll need to transition them out of the crib and into a toddler bed. If you’re worried about your baby falling out of their toddler bed during the night, you can invest in baby bed rails.

A baby bed rail attaches to the bed and provides a comfy railing for your baby to roll into and keep them on their bed.

  1. Car Seat Mirror

You want to keep an eye on your baby as much as possible. When driving in the car, it’s difficult to see what your baby’s doing because you must keep your eyes on the road. Trying to look back can lead to even more danger.

Instead, use a car seat mirror, which allows you to see your baby’s face while still looking forward. If something is wrong, you can then quickly pull over.

Be Sure to Pick Up These Baby Safety Products

Do you have a new little one coming home soon? Be sure to grab a few, if not all, of these baby safety products! Once your home is fully equipped with all of these safety products, you and your baby can be at ease.

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