The Breeze in Your Hair: 5 Pros and Cons of Driving a Convertible

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Sexy, expensive, open, free. These are all words that are associated with one of the most beloved cars on the road: a convertible. Car ownership became more common at the turn of the 20th century. The first car models had tops similar to covered horse-drawn carriages. In the early 1920s, the world saw the first retractable hardtop system and the first power-operated one in the 1930s. These types of vehicles have grown in popularity and changed physically and also culturally since.

Convertibles are sold almost anywhere nowadays, such as at Earnhardt Auto Center. These cars have a reputation for being expensive but can be quite affordable. There are many benefits and challenges to owning a vehicle such as this. See the pros and cons below.

The Pros of Owning a Convertible

One of the highest regarded benefits of owning a convertible is better visibility. Convertibles do not have the blind spots that a traditional car does. The owner of the vehicle can see almost anything and everything while driving, whether it is a parking spot at the grocery store or a beautiful landscape on the way to work.

Many owners of convertibles value the feeling of freedom. The wind blowing through hair is like no other feeling, it complements the Summer fun.

There is space for taller individuals. Many car roofs are not built for people that are greater than average height, the convertible has more space to move around and does not bother those that are taller.

Convertibles are well-known for their sporty appearances. These vehicles are built to turn heads, another plus is that convertibles generally come in bold colors that stand out from the rest.

Older models of convertibles require the owner to close the roof manually, but newer models have the convenience of opening and closing automatically. This saves the owner an incredible amount of time because the top will not need to be manually latched. Also, in case it rains, the car can slow down and the top can be closed without needing to find somewhere to park.

The Cons of Owning A Convertible

Normally, roofs on vehicles contribute to the smoothness of the overall drive. Since convertibles do not have one, this causes the vehicle to have a rough ride when navigating on bumpy roads. Again, this is a result of the loss of the structural system.

On average, convertibles are more expensive. This is due to the custom-made roofs and specialties that go into making the vehicle. It is best to assume the potential owner will pay more for this type of vehicle.

A complaint that convertible owners often have is the level of noise. Because the car is not insulated with windows and also does not have a hard top, sound can enter through every crack and crevice. A future owner must consider if they would mind a lot of noise while driving.

Leaks can be a challenge

Though modern convertibles have better roofs, they still leak when driving through heavy rain. Owning a hard or soft-top convertible does not provide any guarantee of not getting soaked. The car’s interior is also at risk of aging faster than a traditional vehicle. Extreme hot weather can damage a car’s interior to a heavy extent if the top is not used intelligently, the interior will begin to fade and crack if not maintained properly.

Choosing to purchase a convertible can be difficult

It is important to decide if having fun in the Summer months is worth the rough feeling of the ride the rest of the year round. Driving a convertible can be an exciting experience, but knowing the advantages and disadvantages will help you to make an informed decision.

Image Credits: Aleks Marinkovic

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