The Cost-effective E-collar Which You Must Not Miss Out While Training Your Dog

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E-collars are electronic collars that are used by dog trainers and dog owners to teach dogs the difference between good and bad behaviour. These collars are different from the traditional methods of teaching dogs these things because they cut down on time, effort, and room for error. Without harming or hurting the dog, these collars administer a small pulse, vibration, or stimulation that is enough to get the dog’s attention and establish patterns associated with actions. The collars are incredibly useful, and a must have for all dog trainers and owners alike because they make training a lot more effective and easy for both the trainer and the dog.

E-collars are mostly used by trainers and owners that can afford the price tag that comes along with them. These e-collars are quite a hefty investment for a lot of dog owners, and they can often cost upwards of a couple hundred dollars for some very average ones. There are a lot of e-collars in the market, but most of them are quite simplistic in their design and do not offer a lot of features. To find a good e-collar that is durable and also effective, it is always best to do your research and find an e-collar that gives you the most value for your money. An example of such a collar is the ET-300 by Educator Collars. It combines some of the best features with affordability, which makes it one of the best e-collars in the market today.

The ET-300 has a lot of exciting features that make it a worthwhile investment. Here is why this is one of the most affordable and effective e-collar on the market:

1.   Price Range

Most durable and high-quality e-collars can range from $400 – $700, which can be a costly investment for a lot of trainers. This e-collars retails for about $200, and can often be found on sale on E Collar Technologies or Educator Collar’s websites.

2.   Features

The ET-300 features a long range, power adjusting options, a feature that allows you to set a particular setting for your dog, a tapping sensation option, a tone option, a transmitter display, indicators for low battery on receiver as well as transmitter, batteries with rapid charge, an LED collar light that is remotely activated, lost transmitter locator function, waterproofing on the collar and transmitter, a very heavy duty collar, and the option to expand the collar for more than one dog.

3.   Customizability

When ordering this collar, customers have the option of choosing and upgrading the strap and other add-ons from a wide range of options, which makes this idea for people that want collars that are specifically catered to their needs.

With as many features as these, plus a two-year guarantee, there are barely any other e-collars in the market that can compete. For your dog’s training and for your own ease, this collar can be an excellent investment.

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