The DIY Approach to Smoking: Why Tubes Are Soaring In Popularity

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The sight of a person smoking a cigarette through a hand-rolled tube may have raised a few questions several years ago. However now, it’s completely the norm.

It doesn’t matter who you are, we’ve all become used to seeing people smoking via one of these cigarette tubes. It might not be as convenient as popping to the shops for a pack of forty, but the DIY approach does prompt a whole host of other benefits.

There’s no doubt that the cost is one of the main reasons why cigarette tubes have become so popular nowadays. In an age where the cost of normal cigarettes seem to be on the rise, with the authorities making typical packets even harder to purchase, being able to “make your own” has never been more fashionable. While we’re not going to pluck out any specific figures on just how much these tubes and the tobacco cost, it’s fair to say that it’s a significant saving if you are a big smoker. In fact, it can almost make the habit financially acceptable – and there’s a statement few would have ever predicted going to print.

It’s not all about dollars and dimes though. It would be fair to say that over the last few years, smokers have become more accustomed to the various options that are on the market. Everyone has always had a favorite brand, but the emergence of e-cigarettes mean that a lot of people are more educated on just what else is available. We’re now talking about issues such as nicotine content – everything that can be tailored through the electronic cigarette experience. While it’s not quite as flexible when it comes to smoking via a tube, the cost effective nature means you can comfortably have several bags of tobacco on the go and make one that suits your mood at the time.

There are mild suggestions that rolled up cigarettes can have some health benefits as well – although again, let’s reiterate the term ‘mild’ here. No studies have yet been conducted, but some people believe that rolled up cigarettes generally contain far fewer additives and naturally this is going to benefit the state of our health tremendously.

Of course, rolled up cigarettes are by no means going to be suitable for everyone. Let’s remember that when you desperately want a cigarette, having to roll one yourself is hardly the ideal course of action. In other words, they are time-consuming – but that’s exactly what prompts all of the benefits we have just mulled over.

Therefore, if you’re not someone who doesn’t need to roll up countless cigarettes every day, this could be the way forward. As we pointed out at the start of the article, tube cigarettes also happen to something of a ‘chic’ way to smoke these days – everyone is seen doing it. It’s not got the social stigma attached and when you scrutinize the benefits, it’s no surprise why.

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