The Dog Food Digest – A Guide to Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

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Sometimes it seems like a dog’s sole purpose in life is to make their owner happy — whether by running and jumping to greet them at the door after a long day of work, or gently resting their heads on our knees when they sense we are feeling down. Dogs always know what to do. So, it’s only fair that we then try to reciprocate this affection and do our best to keep our dogs as happy and healthy as possible. Read on to find a few simple ways to keep your best friend’s tail wagging.

Food and Water

We all need food and water to survive. This is a basic one, but you need to make sure that your dog has easily accessible, clean, fresh water. It’s best to get a bucket, or a water bowl that can hold a decent amount of water or puppy milk so that your dog is never left thirsty and dehydrated.

Of course if you have a small dachshund, you might not want to use a bucket, but find a suitable vessel that can hold a good amount of water. And make sure your pup gets plenty of good food. Don’t just expect them to live on dog biscuits. Dogs deserve meat and bones and should get both regularly. The bones will also help to keep their teeth clean, and there are chew sticks you can get for dogs that do the same trick.

Keep them away from the dentist by providing them with good food to chew on. For quality and convenience, the best option these days is to order your dog food online — that way you don’t have to worry about hauling a massive bag of dog biscuits and tinned food around, you can have it delivered straight to your door!

Draw the Line

Much like teenagers, dogs need clear and reasonable boundaries and rules to feel mentally secure and safe. In fact, we all like to know what our boundaries are and what is expected of us.

The worst thing you can be for a dog is inconsistent. Set rules, establish boundaries, and then enforce them in a regular, reliable way so that your dog knows exactly what they can and can’t do and where they stand. Without this consistency, dogs get easily confused and irritable and that’s when they start playing up and showing behavioural issues.

Find a Vet You Both Trust

It’s nice having a family doctor and your dog will appreciate having a vet that you both trust. If your dog feels comfortable and even enjoys trips to the vet, it will make it that much easier on the both of you, especially when it’s time for injections!

Keep ‘Em Clean

Keeping your dog clean will help fight against fleas and worms, but also make sure to treat your dog against both. You don’t want your dog in discomfort because the fleas are making them itch all over.

If your dog has a flea problem, get onto it straight away and try to minimise the spread of the fleas around the house. As far as worms go, keep your dog’s worming up to date and give them regular treatments to protect against all types of parasites. Also do your best to keep your dog away from dirty dogs at the park, and any piles of doggy doo doo they might happen across on the footpath. Feces spreads worms, and your dog sniffing or rolling in it will make them sick for sure.

The final thing to remember is that dogs are empathetic creatures. If you’re happy, they will be happy. So, make each other happy!

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