The Essentials for Your New Puppy

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If you want to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle but live in a cutting-edge country, Australia is ideal for you. It will let you enjoy the outdoors because of its yearlong sunny weather. Likewise, if you enjoy outdoor activities, why not get yourself a pet dog to share your outdoor fun?

The country’s love affair with pets is evident with the abundance of stores selling pet supplies in Australia. Australians are avid animal lovers, and most homes have pet dogs as part of their family. If you plan to get your first dog, here are the essential things you must-have for your new puppy.

Puppy Toys. Puppies love to explore new things and inspect them, biting or chewing on them. It is important to give puppies toys that would develop their teeth but not harm them. Plush toys that squeak are entertaining for your pups. Toys with ridges and made out of silicon will help develop the teeth of your puppies.

Food and Water Bowls. Your puppy will need to have bowls where their food and water can be served. Food and water bowls can be made of hard plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel. These bowls’ prices vary, with plastics being the cheapest and stainless steel as the most expensive. However, when you invest in your new companion, it is best to choose stainless steel since these are the easiest to clean and sanitise. Likewise, when you purchase dish bowls for your puppy, include a non-slip silicone mat to place the bowls. This mat will make sure that the puppy cannot drag their bowls around and make a mess.

Puppy Food. Puppies need proper nutrition, and you can see how fast they will grow. It is important to give your puppies the right type of food for their breed. It is important to check pet supplies in Australia for a puppy food that is properly formulated for your puppy’s weight and size.

Grooming Supplies. Shampoos, toothbrushes, nail clippers, and other grooming supplies should also be purchased to ensure that your puppy will always look their best.

Training Tools. The right time to train your dog is when they are still puppies. Puppies may already learn basic commands such as sit or stay when they reach 7 to 8 weeks. Other behavioural changes you want for your puppy must be reinforced with different training gear, such as leashes and collars.

Bark Collars. Bark collars are effective tools to control unwanted barking through the use of interrupters. A bark collar can emit sounds, produce electric shocks or vibrations, or spray air or citronella whenever a dog barks unnecessarily.

Although it has been proven that bark collars work, their effectiveness relies on how the master or handler uses them to control the barking. Remember that some barks are important, so be sure to activate the bark collars only when the barking is unnecessary. You can purchase bark collars by checking various pet supplies in Australia.

Having your first puppy can be an exciting part of your life since it is when you will get to know your best friend that will give you unconditional love. Love your puppy back by providing them with the best puppy stuff that money can buy.

Image Credits: Anna Dudkova

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