The Essential Guide to Being a Pawsome Dog Owner

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If you are tempted to welcome the patter of tiny paws into your life, you might be researching breeds. You could choose to get a canine pal who is large and boisterous like a Boxer. Or perhaps a medium sized feisty character like a mini schnauzer is more your breed. Or maybe you want a tiny Yorkie to be your poochie pal. Becoming a dog owner isn’t like owning a goldfish. Dogs and puppies are more needy and become more integral members of your family in the same way human beings are. Take a look at this essential guide to being a pawsome dog owner.


Dogs are expensive! They cost money to buy and they cost money to take care of. This shouldn’t put you off having a canine friend, but it is something that you need to be aware of. Consider the sort of vet you want to care for your new pup. Find a specialist who knows the potential ailments of your breed to secure your mutt the finest care.

You also need to think about the sort of food that your pooch will enjoy. Dogs will eat anything, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to look into their nutrition. Go for a wet or dry food that has a high meat content. Wheat and maize derivatives are cheap and nasty fillers that you should avoid. The better quality food may be more expensive but your dog will be healthier for it.

The attire that you purchase for your dog walks might also be important to you. It’s not unheard of for glamorous chihuahuas to wear Prada collars or Gucci coats.


It’s crucial that you are willing to be an active dog walker. Your pooch will need regular exercise to boost his mood and to keep him trim. Ensure that you partake in dog training so that the need for professional personal injury attorneys is kept to a minimum should your pup become a little too aggressive with another dog owner.

Walking your dog isn’t just great for your dog but it can also help lift your mood too. Being surrounded by nature is good for your blood pressure and can relieve anxieties. You might also join a network of fellow local dog walkers and expand your social circle. Walking your dog is not something that you can elect to do if you want. It is necessary come rain or shine and requires a real commitment on your part. A dog should be getting at least one long walk a day of at least forty minutes.

Puppy being held


Your dog will quickly imprint on you and need you to care for him. You will fall in love with the puppy dog eyes of your pooch and you will be surprised at just how much he becomes a real part of your family. He’ll be by your side at family functions, he’ll be your number one pal as you play soccer in the park, and he’ll accompany you on road trips and journeys. Your kids will love him and he will love them. He’ll be your protector and your best pal. Ensure that you are there for him, keep him well fed, warm, and happy.

Being a dog owner is challenging, but the rewards are well worth it. You can be a pawsome dog owner!

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