When Your Dog Won’t Eat- Possible Reasons

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It’s alarming when your canine is not interested in food, even when you give its favorite treats. Just like human beings, dogs don’t refuse to eat unless there is a problem. A good diet is vital for your dog’s health. Here are some reasons why the dog may be refusing to feed.


No one is attracted to food when they are unwell. The same happens to pets. If your dog has a fever or is in pain, all he wants is to lie down undisturbed. When it’s a viral infection, it will probably go away in a few days, but you need to immediately call the vet if the dog is vomiting and has diarrhea.

To help the dog feed, try adding tasty fish, beef, or chicken broths to its food or water if the food is dry.  Check https://www.burgesspetcare.com/ for some delicious varieties. You can also try to hand feed it, but the vet may prescribe an appetite-inducing medication if the situation gets out of hand.

Emotional Issues

Has the dog recently been moved from its usual home, or its best friend is no longer around? Dogs go through emotional distress when significant changes occur in their lives, just as humans. It may take some time for the dog to adjust to the new environment or the absence of their favorite person. When this happens, be reassuring, spend more time with the pet, and show more love. If you are its new owner, try to find out its usual routine from the previous owners and stick to it as much as possible.


Some medications can irritate the stomach making your dog lose appetite. The pet will be nauseous or have a hurting stomach. The feeling usually passes a few days after the medication. If your dog is in noticeable pain after taking a particular medicine, call the vet immediately.

Social Eating

If you notice your dog only eats when you are around, don’t worry. Dogs are social beings, which means they love being around their loved ones. Your pet probably doesn’t like feeding alone and enjoys sharing a meal with you, even if you will only sit there and watch him eat.

Its Favorite Food has Changed

If the dog is used to a particular type of food, a change will lead to some resistance. To avoid this, don’t feed your dog the same food all the time. Invest in at least two or three brands of dog food. Sometimes, the manufacturer may add or improve the taste, but your dog may not like the new food. It will take some effort to finally get your dog to accept a new flavor or brand.

The dog may also refuse to eat because the food is stale. Stale food will taste differently, and your dog won’t like it. Always check the expiry dates of all your dog foods.

Your canine refusing to eat for a day or two may probably not cause alarm but when it continues for some time, call your vet for a possible diagnosis.

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