The Four Best Online Bingo Games to Play for Real Money

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If you want to play bingo for real money you could be scared away by the thousands of different games across the internet, all of which vary in subject matter from your favourite TV shows and movies like Deal or No Deal and Grease to ancient mythology like Eye of Horus or Sons of Asgard.

Not to worry as we have narrowed the mammoth list of crazy online Bingo games down to just four great games that could win you a whopping amount of cash.

  • Gold Room

Gold Room is the perfect place to start if you want to try Bingo as it is a take on the classic 90 Ball Bingo game that you would play down the Bingo hall with your mates. In the 90 Ball Bingo game a ticket is an individual grid of 27 squares made up of three rows and nine columns, and each row contains five numbers and four blank squares with 15 numbers appearing on every ticket – tickets start at 10p and you can purchase a total of 36 tickets per game.

The prizes/jackpots on offer in each game have a minimum guaranteed jackpot but the more players/tickets, the bigger the jackpot – hurray!

In each game there are three prizes to be won – one line, two lines and House or Bingo. The first player to have all their numbers called in a horizontal line wins the one line prize, the first player to have all their numbers across two lines called wins the two lines prize and to win the House or Bingo prize the players must gave all the numbers called on their ticket.

  • Diamond Room

Diamond Room is a take on the more popular American version of Bingo which includes only 75 balls. In this version a ticket is made up of a grid of 25 squares across five rows and five columns. Unlike Gold Room, each square contains a number apart from the centre square which will have a star icon on it.

Similar to Gold Room, there is a minimum jackpot per game that will get bigger per player/ticket, however, two or more players can win/share a prize in Diamond Room with single players also able to win a prize on multiple occasions too!

There are five prizes to be won in each game of Bingo – starting with the one line win, which is when all the numbers displayed in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line on a ticket have been called. A two line win is when all the numbers of ticket have been called across two lines, and three and four line wins follow the same suit. Five lines or Bingo is when all the numbers on a ticket have been called.

  • Grease Bingo

Grease Bingo is a 90 Ball Bingo game themed around, you guessed it, the renowned musical ‘Grease.’ Just like Gold Room, Grease Bingo offers three standard prizes – one line, two lines and House.

However, there are two different types of jackpot. The Grease Bingo Jackpot will be awarded to the first player to match all numbers on their ticket within 35 calls or less and is a progressive jackpot that is paid out 50% to the Full House Winner and 50% to the community.

The second jackpot is a fixed amount called ‘You’re the one that I want,’ this jackpot can only be won by the House prize winner if the prize was called on any number that ends in one.

  • Deal or No Deal Bingo Room 90

The final game to play bingo for real money is Deal or No Deal Bingo Room 90. It is, again, another take on the classic 90 ball game, however, it offers an exciting Deal or No Deal feature that sees the Full House winner enter a game styled around one of the nation’s favourite game shows.

In each game of Bingo there are four prizes to be won – the usual one and two lines, House or Bingo and the Deal or No Deal feature game. The player who wins the Full House will qualify for the Deal or No Deal side game where, just like the Noel Edmonds-hosted TV programme, they will be offered an amount of cash by the Banker and they can choose to Deal or take the prize in their chosen box at the start of the game. Similarly they can also trade their box if there is another box remaining when the draw has come to an end.

The jackpot starts at a huge £10,000 and will increase at about midnight each day based on the previous day’s stakes, so there is a lot to be won!

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