The iPhone XS: 3 Things You Need to Do Right After Buying It

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For most of us, the iPhone XS or the XS Max is not easily affordable by any stretch of the imagination, but if you have just bought one, you can rest assured that the premium price tag has fetched you one of the best smartphones available right now. However, to both protect your expensive device and to improve your experience while using the latest iPhones, here are a few important tips that you shouldn’t ignore.

Prevent Damage with a Screen Protector and a Protective Case

Both the iPhone XS (5.8”) and the XS Max (6.5”) have absolutely gorgeous OLED Super Retina displays on them. Unfortunately, stunning as these screens are, they can break quite easily from just one fateful drop! Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the phone has a screen protector and a protective case on it before you start using the device.

Of course, this can’t just be any flimsy case or ill-fitting screen protector either, because that would not only make your iPhone look ugly, but without the proper fit or the right shock-absorbing materials, they won’t be able to offer any real protection against falls either. Go to Sahara Case and get your iPhone XS/XS Max a complete protection kit, instead of buying the two separately.

Sahara Case also has similar protection kits for other iPhones and iPads, as well as smartphone cases and screen protectors for most premium devices, manufactured by popular companies such as Samsung, Google and Microsoft to name a few.

Get Acquainted with the Changes

If you have not used the original iPhone X released in 2017, you may need a small tutorial. Take note of the following changes from older models to make handling the phone easier for you.

  • There is no Home button; You swipe up from the bottom to go back to Home
  • There is no fingerprint scanner; Face ID is the only biometric option to unlock your phone
  • Swipe up from the bottom and hold, to see all open apps

This is just an introduction and it might be best to watch an informative video, though the phone will keep informing you about the other changes intuitively, so it shouldn’t take too long to become comfortable with the new Apple Gestures.

Understand the Implications of Face ID and Apple Pay Integration

Before you start to panic, understand that Apple has introduced a number of steps before Face ID can authorize a purchase decision. This is in place to prevent automatic or accidental purchases, due to the seamless integration of Apple Pay with the biometric security system.

You’re always better safe than sorry. The last thing you need is for you to buy something just because you were looking at it! Get to know how Face ID works, before you authorize it to accept your approval on any financial transactions.

The iPhone XS Max in particular, is a beast of a device for gaming, especially with that A12 Bionic Chip crunching through games on the brilliant 6.5” OLED panel. However, before getting to that exciting world of 3D games, Memojis and more, do take note of the three points we just discussed, or that excitement can soon turn into frustration.

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