The Proper Way to Wash a Wool Sweater: Explaining the Procedure in 7 Simple Steps

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Many people enjoy wearing sweaters made of wool because of the warmth and comfort of this natural fabric. Keeping wool garments clean and fresh is a simple process that you can do at home without spending money for a dry cleaner. Learn the correct way to wash a wool sweater in seven easy steps by reading the following information.

Spot Treat Stains

Before washing your wool sweater, inspect the garment for any stains you must spot treat first. Use a stain remover that’s made specifically for wool and follow the treatment directions on the container for the best results. If you’re looking for a sweater that’s resistant to most stains, wool is a good option, as the components of the fibers prevent the absorption of most types of liquid stains.

Soak in Water

Run cool water into a sink or washtub and add the recommended amount of wool garment cleaner to the water. Completely dissolve the cleaning agent in the water by swishing it around with your hand before placing the sweater into the water. Immerse the sweater and allow it to soak in the soapy water for at least twenty minutes.

Wash in Suds

Use your hands to move the sweater around in the water while gently squishing the suds out of the fabric. Hand wash your sweater carefully and avoid squeezing too hard, as this can cause the sweater to lose its shape.

Rinse Out Water

After washing the sweater by hand, empty the soapy water and fill the basin up with clean, cold water. Swish the sweater in the water a few times and then run cold water over the sweater until the water is no longer soapy. It’s very important to remove all the suds so the sweater will keep its original shape. Gently squeeze the sweater to remove as much water as you can without twisting the garment.

Remove All Moisture

Place the damp sweater on a large, plush towel and straighten it out flat. Start at the bottom and roll up the towel and the sweater to get rid of any excess water. Once you’ve completely rolled up the sweater, push down on the towel and sweater with your hands to squeeze out more water. Unroll the sweater and repeat this step until all the extra water is out. Switch to a dry towel once the current one becomes too wet to do any good.

Shape and Smooth

Once you have all the excess water out, place the sweater on a dry towel and position the sweater in its original shape. Since washing and drying distort the shape of the sweater, this is a very important step. Use your hands to smooth any wrinkles in the sweater before it dries.

Dry On Towel

Place the sweater in an undisturbed location until it has a chance to thoroughly dry, which may take a few days. Refrain from placing the sweater in direct sunlight, or near a heater vent. Wool must dry naturally or it can sustain damage. Never place a wool garment in the dryer, as the high heat will cause it to shrink. Once the sweater is dry, fold it for storage and never hang it on a clothes hanger, as this will cause the sweater to lose its shape.

After performing these seven simple steps, you’ll have a fresh and clean wool sweater that you can enjoy wearing again. Since wool sweaters are stylish and simple to wash, these garments are a popular and classic fashion staple.

Image Credits: Victoria Bilsborough

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