The Real Coffee Capital Of The World Will Surprise You (Hint: It’s Not Italy)

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Have you ever wondered which country drinks the most coffee?

Most people would guess Italy. After all, that’s the country that invented the espresso – or at least managed to convince the rest of the world that it did.

But it turns out that while Italy might be synonymous with coffee, it is not the coffee capital of the world, at least when measured in terms of consumption per capita per year.

No, that accolade goes to a very different country indeed.

Coffee is the world’s second-most popular drink after water. Despite the penchant for tea in places like China, Japan, the UK, and Commonwealth countries, coffee now dominates the global market, owing to its rich aroma and flavorful taste – not to mention the massive caffeine kick.

While the research on coffee is still coming in, there’s substantial evidence that coffee is good for you. The reason for this, researchers believe, is the high polyphenol content: plant chemicals able to promote health throughout the body.

Coffee first originated in Ethiopia when an ancient shepherd noticed that his goats appeared livelier after consuming the nut of a particular berry.

The shepherd used the nut to prepare a drink for himself and noticed that it gave him a mental boost. Before long, the entire community was consuming it, then the Middle East, and then the rest of the world.

The following infographic provides insight into which countries consume the most coffee today.

The Real Coffee Capital Of The World Will Surprise You (Hint: It's Not Italy) 3
Infographic by All The Stuff

Who would have thought that Finland would top the charts for coffee consumption? Not us!

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