The Rise of Tudor Watches

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Tudor, known to be Rolex’s sister brand, was designed by Rolex’s creator, Hans Wildorf. The Tudor watch company was designed to pay homage to the Tudor era in Great Britain. In addition, it enabled customers to have access to a product similar to a Rolex with quality and functionality, although at a lower price.

Tudor devices are made by Montres Tudor SA, utilizing mechanisms provided by ETA SA. Tudor watches have been worn by the French Navy because of its sailors, and the very first Tudor Submariners was bought in the late 1960s. The very same style was being worn by the US Navy because of its UDT and Naval Seals. Tudor will be known as a pocket-friendly alternative to Rolex.

Development To Tudor Watches

The Swiss company “The Tudor,” commonly recognized as Tudor, is indeed a Rolex affiliate. Tudor was established in Geneva in February of 1926. The concept arose when Hans Wilsdorf wished to make a more inexpensive product that would cater to the public. Wilsdorf imitated Rolex products’ durability at a cheaper price point.

The initial range of Tudor watches were introduced in the Australian industry in 1932. The Willis corporation had dedicated rights to sell the watches exclusively to the country’s jewellery retailers.

The original version of the Tudor pieces emerged in a rectangular pattern with bevelled edges. The Tudor mark could be viewed as a long letter T above the other characters on such Tudor-designed products. On certain pieces, users could also see the Rolex label to promote the Tudor watches’ accuracy.

Until 1990, all of the luxury watches utilized Rolex Oyster frames and crowns until they made their own individual building tools. Tudor’s watch styles have also been considered to be attentive, practical, and fashionable.

The Advancement Of Tudor Watches

In 1936, the Tudor emblem moved from a trademark to a shield displaying the Tudor flower. From 1947 onwards, Tudor introduced a revised symbol consisting of a beautifully illustrated corporate name as well as a rose, replacing the shield. In 1969, the Industry’s picture transformed into the new emblem, which re-emerged the guard and left behind the flower.

The company unveiled the very first Tudor diving watch in 1954, recognized as the Tudor Submariner. Tudor Submariners have been ready to venture on in several fields through different variants and developments over a period in the search to build an optimum divers’ device and hit unprecedented levels and peaks.

Any of Tudor’s outstanding dive pieces feature Tudor Pelagos, a full mechanical diving’ clock featuring water-resistant depths of up to 500 feet, and Tudor Heritage Black Bay, a legendary range for over 60 years as the corporation sought to produce more revolutionary and practical luxury pieces.

Other Features of Tudor Watches

As Tudor kept innovating and pursuing new designs, one of the most emblematic decisions they took was to outfit their watches with cloth bands. In 2009, Tudor was already selling cloth bands with timepieces that have now established the core of Tudor’s identity.

Tudor, in collaboration with Julien Faure, an innovator in the cloth-making business, with the help of a Jacquard loom, created a fantastic textile including over 500 loops per unit in weight.

For a much more sophisticated look, the iconic Tudor Classic series is a reliable option for enthusiasts.

The Tudor Fastrider: Most Loved Among All Watch Enthusiast

The Tudor Fastrider was the first to be built through a Tudor and Ducati partnership in 2011. Their goal was to construct a practical piece committed to its sporty and attractive design. The sporty series is aesthetically pleasing, bearing bright colors and finished with impressive specifications.

As for the Tudor Fastrider Black Shield Version, this luxury watch includes a precision-cut high-technology ceramic frame to guarantee high performance durability. Its high-tech ceramics are durable, robust, and scrape resistant. These watches are the most sold all over the globe to date.


Hans Wildorf required Tudor to be a more affordable choice in contrast to his Rolex products, however Tudor products are still the pinnacle of luxury watches. Tudor is doing quite well, making watches specialized for the army and experienced divers. Tudor pieces have proved to be rugged and accurate over time.

Image Credits: Luiz Neto

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