The Technology Promising to Keep Auto Fatalities At An All Time Low

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Volvo recently pledged that there would be no fatalities involving a Volvo from 2020. It takes some confidence to make such a promise, but it has to be said that Volvo are repeatedly coming out with the best scores in safety tests. GPS technology has improved road safety enormously, but technology is advancing even more impressively, with safety at its core. Here are just some of the latest innovations in technology that add substance to Volvo’s safety claims.

Driver alert control

Drowsinesscauses almost 201% of road accidents. Volvo’s driver alert control offers a potentially life-saving inbuilt warning system, recognising when the driver is fatigued and prompting him or her to stop for a break. It will then direct you to the nearest suitable resting spot, allowing you to relax, take stock and re-energise. Features such as these are not only bound to keep you safer on the roads, but they have the added bonus of potentially giving you more favourable insurance costs.

Automatic lane assistance

It can be easy to absent-mindedly start drifting into another lane when you are driving. For example, you may be momentarily glancing away from the road looking for someone or talking to a passenger. This can obviously increase the risk of a crash if there is other traffic in that particular lane. However, Volvo’s ‘Lane Keeping Aid’ can tell if your car is veering out of its lane and automatically steers you back on track, keeping you, your passengers and others around you safe from a collision.

Active High Beam Control

Two thirds of British motorists have been dazzled by oncoming headlights, leaving their vision temporarily impaired and significantly increasing the risk of an accident. Volvo have a way of lowering such dangers with their active high beam control technology. It enables drivers to use high beams at all time without the risk of dazzling others. It keeps the light at the safest level for the driver and passersby, recognising oncoming traffic and pedestrians and automatically dipping the high beam.

Driving technology: an exciting and safer future

Given the tech-heavy world we live in today, it might be argued that sometimes technology can make things more complicated. However, when it comes to road safety, the advances in technology are incredibly impressive and, most importantly, encouraging. Volvo’s safety record really does speak for itself and, as each year goes past without a reported fatality involving one of their modern models, we can only welcome the new technology with open arms.

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