The Top Alternative Structures for Your Tiny House

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Do you love the tiny house lifestyle? Have you thought endlessly about the details you would pick and what it would look like? If so then you should definitely make a move towards getting that dream tiny house.

The Trailer

When you think of a tiny house, you most likely think of the typical small house on the back of a trailer. These are the classic design and we love them. Fully customisable, the control is truly in your hands!

The first choice to be made is what size of trailer you want to have, as that will dictate how much space you have and which vehicle you need to tow your tiny house. You can decide whether you want a full toilet system or just a composting toilet, a loft bed, a stovetop, and so many other choices. However you would like your tiny home to look, you easily can find a way to make it happen.

The Converted School Bus

If a trailer has not got enough space for you but you still want the ability to roam freely, why not consider converting a larger vehicle? We have chosen the school bus as a classic example of how to do it but any spacious vehicle on four or more wheels will do! RVs, buses, and even trucks can all be converted to make beautiful homes.

Larger vehicles are perfect for families or people who just want a little bit more space when they travel. Not only can you fit multiple bedrooms, but you can also fit a whole bathroom. This means a proper working toilet, plenty of sink space, and even a shower/bath combo tub for easily bathing your little ones. Your living space can also be as spacious as you need it to be. Want the driver’s seat to be open so the whole family can interact, even on the road? You most certainly can do that!

The Garden Shed

Never has a shed been so luxurious. Whether it is a tiny studio apartment or several rooms forming a spacious home-away-from-home, you should definitely consider converting a shed into a tiny house. It could either be to rent out to holidaymakers on your property or it could even be your own lakeside or mountain getaway. Whatever you want, it is yours!

Choose your material wisely. The classic is wood, which creates a homely building which is well-insulated from any elements. However, many people are choosing to use alternative materials like steel. Companies like Armstrong Steel create beautiful bespoke steel buildings which can be put up in the blink of an eye. They could be an excellent choice if you simply can’t wait to make your tiny house yours.

What are you waiting for? Tiny houses offer so much flexibility and opportunity to their owners. If you are already thinking about how you are going to dive into the tiny house world, take the plunge today. It may prove to be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Image Credits: Jon Tyson

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