The Top Modern Custom-Size Area Rugs for Sale in 2020

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Does your home require a new rug? Maybe it’s time to shift from the traditional rug that’s collecting dust in your living room. While the antique-looking rugs are undeniably pieces of art, it is not something that is made for the modern world. A modern person requires a modern rug. So, it’s time you get that old rug out and get yourself a new modern rug. You can find decently priced rugs if you look in the right place. There are so many rug dealers these days that it is easy to find modern custom-size area rugs for sale, but you won’t know how authentic it will be.

Amidst the confusion, there are several rug sellers online, like Jaipurrugs, that you can check out for modern rugs on sale; however, that topic is for another post. If you have made up your mind to get a modern rug, here are some options you can explore that’s perfect for the year 2020 and beyond.

Solid-Colour Rugs

Solid-colour rugs are one of the most modern-looking kinds of rugs. They are simplistic, and the way they blend in with their environment is simply fascinating. It’s the age of minimalism, and there is nothing more minimalistic than a solid-color rug just smoothly laying on your living room floor, enhancing your home’s décor. You can find solid color rugs in almost any color you would want. They are also one of the modern kinds of custom size area rugs on sale. In short, it’s the perfect way to go for a modern home in 2020.


Shags have always been a symbol of modernity when it comes to rugs. Their soft fluffy design makes them perfect for being the center of attraction in the middle of your living room. They are comfortable to lay down on, and if you have a pet, they are going to love spending time lounging on the shag.

Hide Rugs

They’re not exactly modern, but simply a symbol of sheer luxury. Hide rugs are made from animal skin, and they may not be for everyone. Some might enjoy them, and others, not so much. But if you want something that is truly unique and stands out, then you might want to consider a hide rug. They are thoroughly processed and filtered before being sent to you, but the primary material of a hide rug still remains, e.g. cowhide, zebra hide, goat hide, and sheep hide.

Hand-Tufted Rugs

Probably one of the most elegant-looking and modern custom-size area rugs you will find online, hand-tufted rugs bring a sense of peace and charm to your living room. They look perfect in front of your TV or under your center table. The process of hand tufting requires a tufting gun that’s used to tuft the rug. They have no knots on the back and their weaving methodology is different from any other rug.

Jute Rugs

Amidst the electronics and bold furniture in your home, jute rugs are some of the most modern, environmentally friendly, and natural rugs found out there. In a house that is filled with electrical appliances, a jute rug is a nice change. If you have house plants, a jute rug will fit in even more. Jute is a strong, naturally occurring material that is used to make these rugs. The brown color is common in a lot of jute rugs, and as they’re not the most comfortable of rugs, they are best laid under your dining table or your center table.

When you’re looking for modern rugs for sale you can also find them in different shapes and patterns, like squares and circles. Apart from that, if you are looking for a particular pattern, you can go for a floral pattern or another geometrical shape, if you prefer. There are online sites like that offer custom rugs, where you can define the type of rug, starting from the color to the shape you would like.

Modern rugs are the talk of the town, and if you haven’t got your hands on a modern rug yet, you should consider any of the above options. Remember, there are many more choices out there. So, be sure to check out all of them before you make your decision. Rugs are not something that you buy every day, and so your purchase is important. Only buy from authorized sellers and make sure they are genuine.

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