The UK’s Best and Worst Phone Networks Revealed

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Are you looking for a mobile phone network in the UK that’s reliable and provides you with high speeds and extensive coverage? Then you need to first do your research into not only the best, but also the worst, options out there. In this way, you can make the decision that’s right for you, regardless of how you use your smartphone every day and what your budget is.
Continue reading for a list of the best and worst mobile phone networks available in the UK today.

The Best: EE

EE has long been the dominant mobile network provider in the UK, and it’s still going strong. As the largest provider, it has around 31 million subscribers, and it’s also the biggest provider of 4G coverage. This ultimately translates to EE being the fastest mobile phone network in the UK, with many people making the switch to EE because of its many great features and reliability. This is definitely a network provider that you want to go with if you use your smartphone a lot, especially when you’re on the go and travelling, because you’ll never have to sacrifice connectivity or speed.

The Best: Three

Another great mobile phone network in the UK is Three. This company is still considered the most reliable network, and it is a strong competitor against EE. So if you are looking for reliability first and foremost, you should switch to Three, as this is the provider that actually outperformed EE in this regard. Make the switch to Three if your main goal is to have a network that will always be there for you so that you never have to worry about going without a much-needed connection while you are on the go.

The Worst: Vodafone

Vodafone received the most complaints from its customers in both 2014 and 2015 when compared to other phone networks, making it one of the worst providers out there. The company is still struggling to provide customers with a consistent connection and powerful enough signal, especially when it is trying to compete against other providers that are already giving people reliable and fast 4G signals.

The Worst: O2

Along with Vodafone, O2 is really struggling to compete against companies like EE and Three. Though the company does not receive as many complaints as other service providers, it comes in last in terms of Mobile Internet Performance RootScores. It is also nearly tied for last along with Vodafone for Text Performance RootScores, and it came in second-to-last in Cell Performance RootScores. So before you sign on to get your coverage from O2, you may want to think twice.
There are plenty of mobile phone networks to choose from, but avoid falling into the trap of going with the cheapest plan because you may end up signing with a provider that is not reliable or is unable to provide you with the modern 4G speeds that you would expect. For ultimate freedom when it comes to choosing and switching providers, visit to learn about unlocking your smartphone.

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