The Ultimate Style Guide to Wine Country

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Are you planning a trip to the Napa Valley or another wine country? A wine tasting trip is always full of scenic views, delicious wines, and best of all, wine country fashion! That’s right, people take wine country fashion so seriously that it’s got its own name – “Napa Valley chic”! If you want to look your best on your next wine tasting vacation, follow our fashion tips on the best styles to wear while wining and dining in French wine country!

Comfortable shoes

Although we all want to look perfectly stylish on vacation, being comfortable is important too! When you head out to somewhere like wine country, you’ll be doing a lot of walking in the vineyards and taking in the beautiful scenery around you so it’s important to be prepared. When choosing footwear opt for something that’s comfortable without being too casual. Keep in mind that some wineries are more upscale than others and require a more elegant dress code! Shein offers styles of flats, wedges and boots that are the perfection combo of comfort and sophistication. With this fantastic Shein coupon code you’ll enjoy your first pair at an unbeatable price!

A cute backpack or crossbody bag

When you’re having fun tasting wine with your friends, the last thing you want to do is to keep track of a bulky purse! When choosing a bag for your next wine tasting adventure, be sure to choose a hands-free option. You don’t need to carry around a lot with you when you’re hopping from winery to winery, so the bag or backpack you choose only needs to be big enough to hold the essentials. The Sak makes convertible leather backpacks that also do double duty as handheld bags! This is the perfect backpack to spend the day roaming a vineyard or scenic winery. At night time, just convert it into an elegant handbag in time for dinner at your favourite restaurant!

Your favourite sunglasses & hat

We know that wine country isn’t always sunny, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pack proper sun protection! You can get sunburnt even during a cloudy day, which means packing sunscreen, trendy sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat is a must! Besides, how many opportunities do you have to rock some of this season’s hottest hat trends? If you’re packing trendy or sporty looks, go for a casual visor. However, if your look is a little more chic, pick a wide brimmed sun hat. Either way, you’ll look stylish and be protected!

Lots of layers

The weather in wine country tends to change quickly from night to day, so when packing for your next wine country vacation make sure you take a lot of layers! It’s perfectly normal for it to be sundress weather during the day but become chilly as soon as the night falls, so you’ll want the option to be able to throw on a jacket. Choose something that’s versatile enough to take you from a casual wine-tasting to a fancy evening dinner, so you don’t have to do double the packing! A dark coloured blazer or a jeweled denim jacket will look great over a sundress and will transition seamlessly into a dinner outfit. Another bonus of bringing a jacket? You might need to quickly cover up a wine stain or two!

No strong fragrances, lipsticks or bangles!

Our list tip is more about what NOT to wear to wine country! There are a few common style mistakes that people make that can put a damper on their wine country vacation! Avoid wearing lipstick and play up your eyes instead. It’s considered a faux pas to leave lipstick stains all over the wine glasses at fancy wineries! Since you’ll be constantly bringing a glass to your lips, you’ll also want to avoid bangles or bracelets that make a lot of noise. While they may look cute, the noise can be distracting to you and those around you!

Most importantly, don’t wear any heavy fragrances of lotions! Wine tasting involves your sense of smell and how it affects your perception of the wine. Heavy perfumes or fragrances will muddle your sense of smell and take away from your enjoyment of the experience!

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