These Free Streaming Options Mean No More Netflix!

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Be honest! Do you truly watch enough TV shows and movies to justify all that money your Netflix subscriptions costs you each month? Many people don’t! Unfortunately, this can create a problem because you are paying out for something that you don’t actually use. The good news that you can still access a whole range of content with zero monthly fees. Read on to find out more.


The first free streaming option to consider is Crackle. The reason Crackle can provide you their streaming service for free is that you can expect ads when using it. However, most users see this as a fair trade-off for the number of great movies, and TVs shows they get access too. Crackle even has some content that is exclusive to their platform that you can’t get anywhere else!

On the negative side, it’s worth noting that not all the TV shows on Crackle have every series available. Sadly, this can be super frustrating if you get into binge-watching a show, only to find the next episode is missing.

BBC iPlayer

The BBC offers iPlayer streaming, and whilst that’s great, if you’re not living in the UK (hello ex-pats!) or you’re on holiday and still want to watch, then you’ll need a VPN that supports changing your geographic location. You can even read this good Firestick VPN options guide to help you make your decision.

The added benefit of using a VPN is that you can secure your connection whilst using public Wi-Fi whilst abroad, or just in your general day-to-day life, making using the free Wi-Fi at Starbucks much safer.

Prime Video

Technically, Prime Video is free if you sign up for Amazon’s Prime shipping service. Many people think of it as an extra sweetener to keep them locked into the subscription but would likely sign up for the service even if the video part was not included.

Of course, as you would expect from such a big play as Amazon Prime can give Netflix a run for its money. This is because it has a vast repository of films and TV for all tastes. There is also some pretty exciting exclusive content, including Hunters, and The Expanse (S2-).

Yes, occasionally, if you are searching for an older film or something that doesn’t come under the Prime umbrella, you may have to pay. However, you have the choice of whether to do this or not. No one is bending your arm. Also, it is often cheaper to rent a single movie than pay a full subscription and never end up using it.

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