Things to Consider Before Using Online Mobile Phone Recycling

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If you are reading this, then you probably have an old phone you want to offload for a new one. You have several options when it comes to disposing of your old mobile phone. You can either donate it to someone who needs it, or sell it. The latter option has given rise to several online mobile phone recycling shops. This article will enlighten you on the things you need to have in mind before choosing an online mobile phone recycling shop.

Look Through Your Whole Home

Before selling your old mobile phone, it is essential first to look through the entire house to check whether you have any other dusty phones. You might also find other old electronics and be able to sell them on sites that accept other electronics too like Compare My Mobile. Make sure you take out all your old phones, cameras, laptops and consoles before you register with any online recycling shop.

Do You Want Cash, Credit, or Trade-in?

Before you settle for a particular vendor, you need to select one who gives you the best deal. Are you willing to wait for a gift card, a payment card, or do you need cash now? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Most online companies will give you a great price for your phone. Whichever form of payment you choose, it is important that you choose a shop that prides itself on being transparent when it comes to payment. A good phone comparison site will prioritize getting you the most money for the least effort.

Shop Around

This is a key point discussed in every online mobile phone recycling review. You will always make the right decision when you shop around for anything. Most phone owners prefer selling their devices directly to buyers through the different online channels available. However, this option may take more time and puts you at risk of buyers changing their mind. However, it will take you less time than you think to shop around for the best website. From a long list, you will be able to narrow down to sites such as Music Magpie that sell the device for you and give you fast payment, just the way you like it.

Read the Fine Print

Although selling an old phone should be a straight-forward exercise, there are some technicalities you need to understand. For instance, Apple phone trade-ins will only apply to iPhone 5 or above. This means that if you are an owner of an older phone, you may have difficulties selling it. You will easily sell your phone if you ensure you’ve reset it according to the site’s instruction; in most cases, a factory reset, with no screen lock will get your phone ready for the market.

What Conditions Are Accepted?

Does the shop accept all phones, including those that are broken? One reason why customers buy new phones is to dispose of the broken ones. A good online shop is one that will tell you “all is not lost”. As a result, they should be able to accept all kinds of phones, whether damaged or broken. Compare My Mobile is one such site that will not only accept your broken phone but give you a decent amount of cash for it.

With that said, you should never throw away your old phone. If you have more than one old phone, you can sell them all and raise enough money to buy that dream phone. Most re-sellers will take any phone in any condition. Additionally, the sites mentioned in this post are re-sellers that will take old electronics, archaic chargers, and so many other things off your hands and turn them into cash.

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