Things You Didn’t Know About Men’s Leather Pants

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Despite the efforts of top designers, men have limited options when it comes to trousers. Most men are stuck between decades-old options like joggers, jeans, or smart trousers.

However, things have changed for the better, and you have amazing options for leather pants. Leather pants are quite popular, and you will find many celebrities donning them.

Many people would think what’s so great about these pants. This article compiles a list of things that you don’t know about men’s leather pants to quell your curiosity.

Leather Pants Are Warm

Denim is one of the popular fabrics for pants. However, jeans are not good at protecting you in cold weather. On the contrary, leather pants are warm and offer adequate protection in a cold environment.

If you live in an area where the winter is more freezing, you need to consider purchasing leather pants. With leather pants, you will experience good warmth, even when roaming on the streets.

Leather Can Be Made Water-Resistant

Generally, leather is not water-resistant. The leather pants will absorb moisture in the small pores. However, it is possible to make leather pants water-resistant with some work on them. All you have to do is apply leather wax on your leather pants.

Many companies use leather wax to give the leather a shining texture. It means it is suitable for leather and will not harm when you apply it on your leather pants. When you use leather wax on your leather pants, it will create an invisible barrier on the leather’s surface.

This barrier will prevent any moisture from seeping in the pores and make your leather pant water-resistant.

A Leather Pant Might Not Be Made of Leather at All

Do you know the different kinds of leather used to create leather pants? Leading brands use different types of leather like goatskin, cowhide, buffalo hide, Deerskin, kangaroo hide. You also get faux leather, also known as artificial leather.

This synthetic leather has a leather-like finish. Some stores try to trick customers by selling faux leather pants in the pretext of genuine leather pants. Hence, it would help if you looked at the brand when buying men’s leather pants.

Faux leather pants do not provide the benefits of authentic leather. In the leather industry, there is a saying ” you get what you pay for” Faux leather pants are sold cheap, and many people buy them thinking they have got a great deal.

Leather Pants Are Available in Several Colors

We mostly see black leather pants in advertisements. Many think brown and black are the only two colors available in leather pants, which are not right. There are around a dozen colors available in leather pants. Some of the traditional colors are brown and red.

You also have alternative colors like green, orange, purple, and yellow. It means you have more choices when it comes to purchasing leather pants.

Leather Pants Last Long

This applies only to genuine leather pants and not ones made with faux leather. If you properly maintain your leather pants, it can last for a decade or more. Most people grow overweight and stop using leather pants since it does not fit them. If you lose weight, you can start wearing leather pants again.

Caring for leather pants is simple, and you need to condition them regularly to prevent dryness related damage. It would help if you stored your leather pants in a controlled environment.

In simple words, keeping them in the attic or basement is not recommended as there is no proper climate. Increased humidity and temperature are considered bad for leather pants. To make sure it lasts long and stays in good condition, keep them indoors.

Leather Pants Do Not Have a Problem With Static Cling

Static cling refers to a phenomenon where pet hair, dirt, lint get stuck to the fabric. This phenomenon occurs when your clothes are charged with static electricity. One of the materials that show static cling characteristics is wool.

Leather pants are figure-hugging, and they do not form multiple surfaces that rub against each other and create a static charge.

Leather Pants Need Regular Conditioning

Don’t mistake cleaning with conditioning. Cleaning of leather pants refers to the use of saddle soap that hydrates leather. After repeated wash, it is common for leather to develop cracks due to dryness. This is where conditioning comes into the picture. Conditioning refers to the application of a leather cleaning product.

These exciting facts show leather pants are not just a style statement. These pants are lovely pieces of clothing that protect and help you stand out in the crowd.

Image Credits: Oleg Magni

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