A Guide to Mens Wedding Rings

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Looking to buy a man’s wedding ring? This is a huge purchase to make and you will want to find the perfect one to give to your husband or to pick out for yourself. It can be hard to know where to begin when shopping for men’s wedding rings as there are so many different styles and metals to consider. With this in mind, here is a look at a few of the key terms:

Metal Types

Platinum: An extremely strong and durable type of metal that is also comfortable and hardly ever causes skin reactions.

White Gold: A member of the platinum family which has the same beautiful white colour but (usually) at a more affordable price.

Yellow Gold: A classic option with an attractive warm glow.

Palladium: Another member of the platinum family with a similar style but (usually) much more affordable than white gold and platinum.

Rose Gold: A unique vintage style that has a distinctive rose glow.

Silver: The most common precious metal and one which can be more affordable than other metal types.


High Polish: This is the most traditional type of finish and features a reflective finish.

Matte: Understated and modern with a finish that is less reflective.

Hammered: A textured effect which is ideal for those wanting something bold and eye-catching.

Combination: A mix of high polish and matte textures.


Classic Court: Also known as a “court ring” or “traditional court ring”, this profile is the most common shape with both a rounded interior and exterior for a comfortable profile.

D-Shaped Rings: This is similar to the classic court but features a flat interior with a rounded outer profile. This gives a closer fitting while retaining the classic rounded shape.

Flat Rings: The opposite of classic court – flat rings have a flat interior and exterior for a stylish look. This is not ideal for those that live an active lifestyle as they are not as streamlined and can catch on things.

Flat Court: Flat court rings have the exterior of a flat ring with a comfortable rounded interior for a modern look which is still practical.

These are the main terms that you need to be aware of when shopping for men’s wedding rings. This is a huge purchase and it is one that you will need to be confident in so it is always a good idea to know what you are looking for and to try a few on before making the decision.

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