The Biggest Fashion Faux Pas Men Make When Styling Skinny Jeans

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Over the decades, skinny jeans have been in and out of favour. They were particularly trendy in the 2000s and 2010s with millennials. The last few years have been a bit rocky as more Gen Zers have started adopting baggy jeans over skinny jeans. However, skinny jeans are still popular and worn by celebrities and influencers alike.

Skinny jeans are sexy, cool and attractive outfits that can enhance your legs and physical features. However, men are not always the best at styling this type of jeans. Because of their very specific cut, skinny jeans need to be accessorized in certain ways.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the biggest fashion faux pas that men tend to make when styling their skinny jeans. We’ll provide some tips so that you can avoid making these same mistakes.

Faux Pas

Some of the biggest faux pas men make include the following:

When buying a pair of skinny jeans, you need to make sure that it suits your body measurements and body type. Men will sometimes buy skinny jeans that are a size too small or too big for them, which defeats the entire purpose. Make sure to pick a pair of jeans that you feel comfortable in. Skinny jeans should not feel too restrictive nor too small. They should enhance your legs but not cling too much to your skin or limit your movements. If they do, you might have picked a size too small.

A second faux pas is buying a pair of skinny jeans in an unflattering colour. If you want to avoid any fashion mistakes, simply opt for a dark pair of jeans. Black is a classic and timeless colour that will make your items look sophisticated. When in doubt, opt for black. If you are more confident in your fashion choices and style, you can opt for a lighter pair of jeans. Remember that picking a bold colour for a fashion item can make it more difficult to accessorize.

A third faux pas is to pair your skinny jeans with inappropriate shoes. Remember that skinny jeans accentuate your legs and therefore draw more attention to the lower part of your body. Your shoes will become more apparent when wearing skinny jeans so make sure to pay attention to your footwear. Try not to pair your outfit with old and dirty shoes, flip-flops, or sandals.

Tips and Tricks

Now, here are some tricks and tips to enhance your skinny jeans outfit.

Wearing skinny jeans gives you the opportunity to play with different types of layers. Because you will be wearing thin on the lower half of your body, you can wear something baggier and more layered up on the upper half of your body. For example, you can pair your jeans with a light t-shirt and a short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirt. You can then add a nice coat and some jewellery such as rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

Another trick is to play around with the different textures. Because you will be wearing denim on the lower-half of your body, you can pair it with other fabrics. For example, pair your jeans with some leather shoes, a cotton t-shirt and a cotton jacket or coat.

If you want a more sophisticated look, you can even pair your denim jeans with a cashmere jumper. This contrast will make your outfit look both chic and relaxed. These different textures and layers will bring more nuances to your outfit and make you look more stylish.

However, don’t forget to colour coordinate these different clothing items as to create a pattern. Don’t mix and match endlessly. Stick with simple patterns such as black and white or blue and black, to avoid any fashion faux pas. The more confident you become in your fashion choices, the more you can experiment by making bold choices.

In this article, we have discussed some of the fashion faux pas men can make and how they can avoid them. We’ve also provided some tricks and tips to enhance any skinny jeans outfits.

Image Credits: Rogério Martins

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