Men’s Ultimate Grooming Guide for Summer

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Unlike the cold months of winter, the summer season can do wonders to men. Gone are the dry wintry months that have wreaked havoc to the skin and hair—it’s time to relax and enjoy basking under the summer sun!

With all the sweet perks of the sunny season, it’s easy to forget to take care of ourselves. Before parading shirtless under the heat of the sun, remind yourself to follow this step-by-step guide for a burn- and blemish-free face this summer.

Trim Away

If you are planning to go to the beach, look out for those unnecessary body hair that may greet everyone in the face as you pass by. While you can always sport some body hair, too much of it may be irritating, especially in the summer season. Start trimming chest hair away and thin out that bushy pit hair too. Anything that hangs out of the swimming trunks need to go as well. If you are gifted with a ton of back hair, you may want to visit a salon to have it waxed. Sporting a hairless back this summer should make you feel cleaner and keep you cool amidst the scorching heat.

Give Your Beard Some Love

We understand—the beard needs to stay no matter what. Facial hair doesn’t really absorb body heat anyway. However, a lot of hair can cause irritation now that the humid months are here. Aside from this, the season of dehydration can cause the hair to be brittle.

Avoid causing irritation to the skin by regularly washing your beard with a specialized cleanser. Quality beard oils can also keep it well moisturized and hydrated. Of course, don’t forget to hydrate yourself as well to refresh the rest of your body.

Get a Good Scrub

Exfoliating offers a ton of benefits to the skin. Doing so will scrub off all the dead skin cells and help your skin absorb skincare products better. This is especially important during the summer, as you would want to maximize the full potential of sunscreen on your skin. Get rid of all the dirt and grime by using a gritty facial and body scrub.

Another option is dry brushing, which involves using a natural brush with a wooden handle to scrub your body in circular motions. The benefits of dry brushing go on and on. It doesn’t just exfoliate the skin, but it also promotes good lymphatic flow and helps the body to detoxify itself.

Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

Nothing will ever protect your skin best during summer but sunscreen. The harsh rays of the sun can burn the skin and can even put you at risk of skin cancer. Stay sun-safe by getting a good sunscreen, but not just any type. Choose one that has a Broad Spectrum label as this will protect you against UVB as well as UVA rays. Make sure that your sun block also has a sun protection factor of SPF 30 or higher. The higher the sun protection, the more it filters out the amount of UVB rays that goes through the skin. Don’t forget to protect your lips as well! A good sunscreen lip balm can keep your puckers from chapping and getting burned by the sun.

Mind Your Toes

’Tis the season to get rid of your sneakers in exchange for flip flops—but not when you’ve got a set of nasty man-hooves! Before stepping into the pool and exposing those unforgivable feet, take action. You don’t have to go get a mani with your girlfriend, unless it’s truly necessary in your case. Cutting your nails and buffing away dead skin with a file or mineral roller should do the trick just fine.

The last thing you need this summer is a grooming faux pas. With these tips in mind, you are ready to enjoy the season without worries!

Image Credits: Dan Musat

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