Tips for Controlling Your CS: GO Anger

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Let’s face it: even if you’re a rather newer player, you certainly had moments when you were close to smacking your mouse and keyboard and rage quitting the game. Whether it’s because your team is full of uncooperative people or the opponents are getting the upper hand, you may find it hard to control your emotions. If you’ll eventually become a pro and the audience on see that you’re like a ticking bomb, their CS: GO bets might not be in your favor.

You may not want anger management – you probably want people to stop getting on your nerves. While you can apply this in a real-life scenario, in CS: GO you don’t really have control on who you end up playing with unless you have friends in the game too. So, what can you do to refrain yourself from punching a hole through your screen? Check out these tips.

  1. Recognize Your Anger

Anger is a powerful emotion, and sometimes it leads to consequences if not controlled. It can easily take charge of your body and you have chances of asking without thinking. But if you notice the signs of anger early, you can become aware of it and make sure it doesn’t go out of control.

One of the first signs is the fact that your thoughts are getting out of control. You can’t think straight, and you could shake and/or have an increased heart rate. Symptoms differ from a person to another, as some could experience sweating, dizziness or even stomachaches. If you feel utter rage ready to control your decisions and movements in the game, try your best to not act on it. Being aware of the feeling could let you gain some control and get away from the trigger source until you calm down.

  1. Take a Break

Sometimes, the best thing you could do to prevent having a violent outburst is giving yourself some time away from CS: GO. If you choose to stay in the game despite the rage it has caused, you risk going to the next level, and you never want that. Well, not unless you still need your PC, screen or keyboard.

When you feel like the incompetence or lack of experience of other players is causing you gnashing of teeth, take some time off to cool down. This will give you a break during which your mind will be cleared, and you could return to the game totally fresh. In other to banish your anger to the shadow realm, go distract yourself by calling a close one, having a snack, or doing some cleaning.

  1. Take Deep Breaths

For real, though, what’s up with these people who have no idea how to use smoke, and the enemy team ends up locating you, thus being the ones to shoot you down? Finding unexperienced or unskilled players could really do a number on your mental stability, and it’s in that moment you feel like cracking some skulls.

Don’t go overboard and start lashing out by cursing at them in the chat. Instead, take some deep breaths, as they will help you relax. Given your heart rate has increased and you may be shaking, you feel really agitated, so deep breaths could serve as a technique similar to meditation.

  1. Try to Be Supportive

Yes, this could be the most impossible task you could be asked to perform when you feel like strangling a person, but if you lash out at your teammates, it won’t help you either. If anything, it will only make them resent you, and it could lead to a bad relationship and even more anger. Try to be supportive to them and if you must respond to their bad performance, try to offer constructive criticism instead of throwing swears their way.

  1. Remember You Play for Fun

Your road in CS: GO may not be filled with smiles and laughter all the time, given the pool of different people joining the game. But at the end of the day, it’s important to remember it’s just a game – thus, it’s just something you do for entertainment, and it doesn’t affect your daily life. When you understand it’s not that deep, you’ll learn to let things go and move to the next match.

CS: GO anger is bound to happen if you’re passionate about the game. Nevertheless, don’t let this stop you from being a favorite on CS: GO betting sites, so learn to control your rage and do your best to have a good performance.

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