Tips for Finding International Student Accommodation Near University of Sydney

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Each year, thousands of students from across the world send applications to the Sydney University. State-of-the-art teaching infrastructure, highly experienced faculty, and sprawling university grounds are the top draw for international students looking forward to advancing their careers by acquiring a degree from this prestigious and world-renowned university. The number of students coming to study across the various campuses of the Sydney University easily crosses a few million each year. As a result, there is a high demand for student accommodation facilities in the region. You can check out some professionally managed accommodations like Iglu around the university.

Here are some tips for finding the perfect accommodation near Sydney University if you have your heart set on studying here.

  1. Start Early

Your hunt for accommodation around Sydney University should start as soon as possible. Even if your date of departure to Sydney is still a few months away, you should start looking for accommodations as soon as you get your acceptance letter. If you are confident enough, you can research and book accommodations for the previous year. Most student accommodations put up early notifications because they know when the outgoing students will vacate the premises. In a city like Sydney, it does not take long for those student spaces to fill up. If you do not start early, you can be sure all the best ones will be taken.

  1. Look for Amenities

It would help if you always chose student accommodations that will enhance your student life in Sydney. The accommodation should cover the essential utilities, but it should also provide additional scope to better the lifestyle. This includes library facilities, WiFi connectivity, secure premises, locker facilities, canteen, and playrooms for entertainment. While all the areas around Sydney are student-friendly and most services are affordable prices, it can still be a bit of a stretch on your pocket if you try to pay for services separately. Instead, these amenities should be inclusive of the accommodation facilities, and you will always have what you need.

  1. Transport Facilities

Always look for an accommodation which has good transport facilities. Ideally, you should book accommodations from where you can reach the university campus by walking or a bicycle. However, those accommodations are the first to go as they are in very high demand. In case you have to book accommodations a little further away, make sure the locality is well connected to the region where your Sydney University campus is located, as the university has several. You should have easy access to the bus service or the train service. Regions like Chatswood and Redfern are very well connected to the campus. The northern suburbs of Sydney are also well connected and student-friendly.

It is always a good idea to opt for professionally managed student accommodations rather than opting for a rented apartment where you have to take on the additional responsibility of setting up the flat to your liking. The professionally managed apartments like Iglu are fitted with all the modern facilities, and they have a very cosmopolitan vibe. Life in Sydney will be so much better once you have the perfect place to stay.

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