Top 10 Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

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Do you need gift ideas for coffee lovers? A lot of people don’t think beyond coffee mugs or coffee beans. There are plenty of gifts you can give someone who enjoys brewing coffee at home.

Whether you’re shopping for your boss, co-worker, or friend, these gifts will delight even the most discerning coffee lovers. For more information about buying the right coffee equipment, check out this resource.

Coffee Subscription Boxes

There are coffee subscription boxes for all kinds of coffee lovers, from newbies to pros. These gifts give recipients a chance to try a variety of different roasts and brands or experience new ways of making their favourite brew.

You can find many options by searching online for coffee subscription boxes—be sure that any subscriptions you choose will come with individual sample sizes or at least a chance to order by the cup. That allows your giftee to try lots of different coffees without committing to a large bag or big box size.

Books About Coffee

If you know someone who’s already a coffee lover, check out some great books about coffee. There are many different coffee lovers, and they love to read about their passion.

Get them a book that explains what makes great coffee so unique, or even consider an in-depth treatise on where your favourite beans come from. The right book can be a perfect gift idea for a person who loves to read and is also interested in learning more about their daily cup o’ Joe. Maybe they will share their knowledge with you over a nice cup!

Coffee Mugs and Other Accessories

You can buy all kinds of coffee mugs and other accessories to show off your love of coffee. For instance, if your parents are lovers of Starbucks, consider getting them a travel mug or another fun accessory such as a scarf or socks.

If they’re fans of Dunkin Donuts or another specific place that sells coffee drinks, an icon-branded item is good. Or go with something more personal by designing their favourite latte art on a mug. Make sure you stay within the budget before buying any items because prices can vary depending on the purchase. Keep it practical but thoughtful with these gift ideas, and you won’t go wrong.

Specialty Coffee Beans

These are some of the world’s best, not just any old coffee beans. If you have a true coffee lover in your life, give them a fantastic bag of specialty-grade coffee beans from one of several award-winning roasters.

From Ethiopian blends to rare Brazilian coffees, you can give them a gift to make their morning cup of Joe that much more special. There are plenty of artisanal roasters online that ship anywhere in America and beyond.

Espresso Machines and Grinders

Buying a grinder will help you make better coffee, and purchasing an espresso machine means you can make your lattes—or kick back with a single-origin coffee prepared by someone else.

If they already have an espresso machine and don’t want another one, consider adding other equipment—perhaps airports or scales that can improve workflow or quality control of your shop.

Coffee Accessories

We often focus on our coffee, not how we enjoy it. Some great accessories can help you get more out of your coffee. For example, a cup warmer will help you keep your coffee warm because nobody wants bad-tasting, lukewarm coffee. Or opt for something practical like a good travel mug.

Designer Espresso Cups

A coffee lover will be delighted with a set of designer espresso cups. You can find designer sets at almost any store and many online sites. If you’re on a budget, check eBay or thrift stores; you may also be able to score an entire set this is in excellent condition from a relative or friend that’s passing it along. Even if your giftee doesn’t own an espresso machine, she can use these cups for tea, juice, or water.

Coffee Strainers and Filters

A good filter is essential to a tasty cup of coffee and a strainer and coffee filters are great for keeping out bits of grounds to enjoy your coffee without grit or sediment spoiling it.

Strainers are used can be used to make cold brew coffee, so they typically hold more water at one time. The size and shape of these vary, but all provide an easy way to keep debris out while allowing your brew room to breathe.

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