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When it comes to chocolate, many of us think about bars and boxes filled with our favourite tasty treat, but actually chocolate can delight us in a wide variety of forms – including art forms.

Some of the world’s top chocolatiers have combined their passion for chocolate and their flair for creativity to make something amazing, from world-renowned structures to cartoon characters. Let’s take a look at some of the different things that these talents have forged from chocolate.

Chocolate Sculpture No.1

Dome of Milan

Made by master chocolatier Mirco Della Vecchia and his team, this white chocolate structure was built entirely from chocolate, and stood 1.5 metres tall. At 2.5 metres in length, the delicious Dome of Milan weighed a whopping 7,500 pounds. After four days of intense labour, this creation made the Guinness World Record books for being the world’s largest chocolate sculpture in 2011. Best of all, the proceeds from selling off its tasty pieces were donated to charity.

Chocolate Sculpture No.2

Chocolate Chicken

This is one that you can try at home – the splash of colour in the chicken’s beak, feet and eyes really bring this sculpture to life. A chocolate chicken will take around one day to make. The round body looks similar to a chocolate egg, which is one of the most basic skills of any avid chocolatier and can be crafted from your very own kitchen.

Chocolate Sculpture No.3

Ladbrokes Roulette Wheel

This is one of the most fun examples of how to turn an everyday object into an edible delight. This chocolate roulette wheel was crafted by Cheryl Brighty and her daughter along with some help from other family members. It took three days to design and a further 69 hours to build from 60 kgs of chocolate – the equivalent of 18,000 large chocolate buttons. As for the colours and numbers, they were hand painted on using cocoa butter and gold lustre to ensure that the entire sculpture was edible.

Chocolate Sculpture No.4

Chocolate Pyramid

In 2012, chocolate lovers were amazed by Qzina Specialty Foods’ Guinness World Record, as the world’s largest chocolate sculpture was made using 18,239 pounds of chocolate – massively outweighing the previous record of 7,500. Made by pastry chef Francois Mellet and his team, the entire sculpture took more than 400 hours to put together.

Chocolate sculptures are becoming increasingly popular around the world, inspiring more and more people to try and recreate tasty sculptures in their very own kitchens. From easy eggs up to long trains, explore your creative side and make some yummy chocolate treats with a unique twist.

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