Top 5 Industries that Benefit Most from a Video Marketing Approach

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Video marketing is arguably the most effective way to boost brand awareness. Apart from being engaging and more enjoyable, they give business owners a platform to adequately market their products and services.

The brain can process videos 60,000 times faster than printed texts. Since reading demands more cognitive effort, the majority of consumers are more drawn to watching a commercial video than reading a product description.

When looking for someone to execute a video marketing strategy to help you get ahead of the competition, it’s recommended to work with local businesses who understand your brand and local culture. Try searching online with queries like  Video Production Company NJ or Seattle video production companies, especially if your venture belongs to any of the following industries:


If you have a travel agency, try tapping a video production company in NJ to create engaging videos of places that you promote. Videos bring more positive results than numerous photos, even those taken by professionals. Videos can capture the spirit and life of the location that images can easily miss.

You can feature the sound, colors, culture, and people of a vacation spot more effectively in a moving camera. Professionally-created video content can seduce travelers much faster than even the most gorgeous slideshow of pictures. One Google study showed that 66% of travelers watch videos related to travel before deciding if they will go or not.


Ventures under the restaurant industry will also benefit significantly from video marketing. There are thousands of restaurants in NJ, which is why you should create a video ad to get ahead and entice customers.

Your videos do not have to be overly promotional to work. A credible video production company in NJ can create exciting content for your restaurants, such as culinary videos, events, culinary tips, history of the dishes, and many more.


The Google study also found that more than half of travelers watch videos when deciding about hotel accommodations. If you are a hotelier, this finding should encourage you to rely more on creating engaging videos than any other marketing strategy.


If you are managing a company in the finance sector, video marketing can help build customer trust, which is critical in any venture that handles money. You can showcase your company culture and include video testimonials of your satisfied clients. You can also create videos on questions that many people have about your financial products.


According to another survey by Google, product videos are critical to the decision making process among hospital managers. All of the customers surveyed revealed that they had viewed product demonstration videos. This information is particularly relevant if you manufacture medical equipment since watching is more effective than reading about how they function.

Ultimately, the use of video marketing strategy can benefit all businesses since the majority of consumers watch and are influenced by promotional videos. If you are looking for a reliable partner for this purpose, rely on WSPR Creative. The artistic and talented team of WSPR will help you create unique video content that will attract clients and address the needs of your company.

Image Credits: Kushagra Kevat

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