Top 5 Ways to Give Your Bedroom a Sleep Friendly Makeover

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Sleep is something that most of us take for granted. People who never have any trouble getting to sleep at night find it hard to imagine the alternative. Yet, insomnia is a condition that plagues millions. Sometimes it is chronic and lasts a lifetime and other times it is caused by stress or change and it goes away by itself.

Insomnia and difficulties getting to sleep are becoming more common because of our obsession with technology. We take our screens to bed with us in the form of mobile phones, tablets, kindles, and handheld gaming consoles. This makes it hard for the brain to disengage and relax. It cannot jump instantly from being completely active to shutting down for sleep.

Fortunately, this handy guide to transforming your bedroom into a sleep paradise will help you drift off a little easier at night.

Invest in a Quality Mattress

The first thing that you need to do is invest in a quality mattress. Without a comfortable sleeping surface, you will never get enough rest. Take some time to go shopping for a new mattress. Be patient, don’t rush, and physically test out the brands which catch your eye. There is a reason why mattress shops allow customers to lie on the products; it is the only way to get a real sense of its suitability. Unless you have back problems, you should be looking for a mattress that offers a good balance between softness and firmness.

Keep Mobile Phones Out

If you are serious about improving your ability to sleep, you need to keep screens out of the bedroom. It is really important that you give your brain enough time to recognise that it is time for sleep. Jumping straight from Facebook to your pillow is just going to result in a jarring sense of confusion. You can solve this by resisting the urge to text or tweet while in bed and giving your brain at least 20 minutes to wind down from activity before hitting the hay.

Move Your Alarm Clock

This is a really easy tip, so make good use of it. Take your alarm clock and move it both out of reach and out of sight. Firstly, this will help you get up in the morning, particularly if you are prone to chaos and lateness. Secondly, it will help you fall asleep faster. If you can’t constantly see the time and focus on how long it is taking you drift off, you’ll get there faster. The more you lie and stare at those numbers, the more frustrated you will feel; hide them from sight.

Never Mind Messy Sheets

Contrary to popular belief, there are advantages to leaving your bed sheets messy. People who don’t instantly make their beds in the morning are less likely to experience problems with bed bugs and allergens. This doesn’t mean that you can skimp on keeping them clean; it just means that you shouldn’t beat yourself up for leaving the sheets in disarray sometimes. The healthiest beds are those that get plenty of circulated air.

Experiment with White Noise

The exception to the rule when it comes to phones in the bedroom is apps designed to improve sleep. There are lots of these available and some of the best come in the form of white noise tools. White noise is a low level crackle that makes it easier for people to stop focusing on external sounds and drift off to sleep. The crackle is gentle and non-invasive. It prevents the brain from fixating on singular noises and distractions.

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