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When it comes to being single, sometimes it’s not easy. For women especially, certain factors affect their dating live along with their everyday lives. Thanks to the internet however, online dating has become a fashionable and reasonable trend which has had proven success over the past decade. Some women have children that make it hard to find a match. Other women work and have busy lives that don’t let them have much time locally. No matter what your reason, or whether you are a dating site master or not, there are a ton of dating sites out there. This article composes a simple list of seven of the top dating sites for women as ranked by this website. Why seven? Because seven is a lucky number.

  1. – is one of the largest and oldest dating sites out there, making them a top dating site for women. Since the site has been around for over a decade, it has been constantly working on perfecting special matching algorithms to ensure that a solid match for each individual can connect on a single plane and wavelength, without having too much in common, or too little.
  2. Elite Singles – is a site perfectly crafted for those women who are hard workers and are a little independent, but are true professionals in every aspect of their lives outside their work, even when it comes to dating. When looking for that matching “thoroughbred” person in your life, can offer that. Nearly everyone on this website has a professional career.
  3. Zoosk – This website is a newer dating website. It hasn’t been the market for very long, and its primary goal is to bring a “social media” interaction to dating sites. This site uses your social media profiles to help you find your match. It’s got a lot of users, and many people say it’s easy to use.
  4. eHarmony – This website has been around for a very long time, and is one of the very top dating sites for women looking for a long-lasting relationship or commitment. Many people have proven to found their lifetime partner with eHarmony’s complex matching algorithms.
  5. AdultFriendFinder – is a great dating site for women because no matter what your desire, reason, hookup or commitment, they have matches and a user balance for everyone. They have slightly more men than women on the site, making it even easier to find that person for you to connect with as a woman.
  6. SingleParentMatch – When you’re a single mom, it’s very hard to find guys who want to deal with kids, unless they can relate to you because they are single dads. With the new trend of single dads growing in the country, this site is perfect. It has a user base that can help you when you’re looking for someone who loves kids just as much as you love your own.
  7. Okcupid – This is a site that is more oriented for younger single women. When it comes to finding true love, you want someone who shares your views and opinions, and this site uses matching algorithms to help with that.

The Best App to Find a Date

Before we present to you the list here are some FYIs. Hate it or love it, websites are slowly being overshadowed by apps. This is due to it being more efficient, loads faster and better customizations. If you are not able to find the perfect match with these websites it would be highly recommend trying happn which helps people look for a romantic partner and get dates through matching your interests, likes and preferences.

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