Top Packaging Design Trends to Look Out For

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As we all have heard since childhood, presentation matters. Whether you are giving your loved ones a gift or sending off presents as formalities on Christmas and Thanksgiving, you must present them well. With modern techniques and products, even minimalist packaging can be an asset to boost sales.


Primitive and abstract designs without any complexities that can be easily read and understood have been in the story for quite some time now, and will probably stay. It includes the use of natural signs and symbols so that everyone can understand and relate.


Pastel use has increased, as they are a wall against those hyper-stimulating and explosive colors we otherwise come across. They are a feast for the eyes and present a softer side. Due to low saturation, they give out a more delicate and pale effect to bring a candid and warm vibe to the products.


Everyone doodles. From 9 to 90, everyone is going to be attracted by seeing doodles on the packaging. Well thought out doodles covers a wide range of targeted customers irrespective of age, gender or region.

Movie Posters

Bringing in the entertainment industry helps in getting the attention of both casual sympathizers as well as die-hard fans. It is one of the most effective and primitive ways of product packaging as it evokes the same desires and feelings as movie posters.

Big words

Nothing is better than using many words creatively if you want to send a loud and clear message about your product. Quirky messages and catchy one-liners can do wonders to advertise as well as set a standard for your product. Add up the right color palette with that, and you’re good to go.


You are what your history is. Where people are thriving for modernizing business, some like to keep it old fashioned. Vintage designs talk about culture, heritage, tradition, and passion. Some even keep throwback designs unaltered since the inception of the product.

Holographic effects

Holographic foil stamping using the third dimension, depth, and an array of colors brings brightness and energy to packaging. It can give metallic, alloy, plastic, or paper effects, which further makes it attractive, exciting, and innovative. Many companies are using designs and graphic arts on holographic foils as next-generation packaging. They also use creative and relatable shapes for products to make them stand out of the crowd and lure customers into buying them.

Black and White Packaging

Black and white are both classy and vintage. This generation B/W packaging is not dull; instead, it consists of more than 15 shades of black, grey and white, quite enough for a palette, huh?

8-bit Packaging Design

As 8-bit packing is quite retro, they are accessible and relatable to customers. Pure color fields, hard edges, stripped-down images, and straight abstract lines are brilliant, comfortable, and attractive for consumers. While this reduces the cost for graphic designing and others, it also gives ample amount of opportunities to exploit nature, elements, and colors to their fullest.

Plastic Free Packaging

In today’s scenario, we are almost standing on the boundary of doom’s day. While environmentalists, activists, NGOs, and people, in general, are fighting to save the world, taking up greener and environment-saving approach for packaging is the call of the hour. Going plastic-free is getting viral, and we should accept that with open minds and hands. That way, you can definitely get the upper hand over other competitors and care for people.

When looking for a packaging style, make sure that you pick the right quality products so that your customers will be attracted to it, and help promote your brand. It will also enable you to push the sales up when you pick a packaging type that is best for your brand.

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