Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Wax Jacket

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Waxed jackets look great but wearers often find themselves wondering how to take care of them properly.

In fact, you might be surprised to know that wax jackets are actually made from 100% cotton, they’ve just been treated with a wax coating that makes them water- and wind-proof while still allowing the fabric to breathe.

Pretty neat, huh?

This is why we think wax jackets are a classic piece for any wardrobe, so it’s important to prolong their life for as long as possible.

So whether you’ve just bought the latest design from Belstaff or you’re trying to revamp a retro wax jacket, here are our top tips for taking care of this fashion must-have:

Washing Your Wax Jacket

Firstly, don’t opt for dry cleaning when you’re washing your jacket as the chemicals used can remove or damage the coating.

This leaves only one way to clean your jacket – get to work with a sponge and cold water. Avoid any products because these may also damage the coat for good.

Rewaxing Your Jacket

Even though the jacket’s been treated before you buy it, it’s a good idea to continue treating it every year or so. However, this will depend on how often you wear the jacket and how it’s stored.

Ultimately, it probably needs treating when it starts to look a little drab and tired. But the following process is better done during warmer months as it helps keep the wax melted for longer.

To do this, you’ll need to lightly brush away any grit or dirt that’s built up on the fabric. A soft brush should be enough to get rid of it, followed by a good wash with cold water and a sponge. It’s important not to get the jacket too wet while you’re doing this, if possible.

Take the lid off your wax before placing the tin in a bowl of boiling hot water, without letting the water get to the wax.

Then, use a cloth or sponge to dab wax onto your jacket, paying extra attention to seams, cuffs and creases that tend to be exposed to more wear.

Once done, hang the jacket up away from anything the wax may transfer onto and place some newspaper underneath it. Use your hairdryer to melt any excess wax away.

Simply leave the wax to set for a day and you’re good to go!

Always Check the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Finally, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s guidelines before carrying out any of the above as they may have specific recommendations that differ to these instructions.

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