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While we all want to find a great job with a six or seven-figure salary, it is not always possible. Whether it is because of your physical health, or because you need to stay home and look after the kids, working from home is something that becomes a reality for millions of people. The good news is that starting a business from home and making good money is a lot easier in 2017 than it was ten or twenty years ago. Here is an assessment of the three best home business options for individuals and families in 2017:

  1. Driving for Uber

Even though you are going to spend some time away from the house, driving for companies such as Uber and Lyft still qualifies because you get to choose your hours. Perhaps you can get someone in the family, or your spouse, to spend time with the kids for three or four hours a day. You could easily set off with your car to pick up passengers during those hours, and you would make a solid amount of money in the process. And when your kids head off to school, you could easily do this for six to eight hours a day.

  1. Selling Products Online

Many people assume that to sell products, you need to go out and convince people to buy things. While that was true in the past, now you can earn money from home by selling products. There are some tremendous product seller packages available for people who are interested. It does require some upfront work to set up your online store and your clientele. But when you get things started, and you begin to earn a residual income, things can become a lot easier. You are working for yourself, which means you have no boss, and you are bringing in a ton of money every month.

With most of these programs, you are not only given an opportunity to sell some very marketable products, but you are also given a ton of information about how to become a better seller. Whether it is through pamphlets, books, webinars, weekly calls or in-person events, you will find that you are on the road towards becoming a professional seller in no time at all. And the best part is that you can do almost all of this from home!

  1. Freelance Writing or Blogging

The great thing about writing is that you can do it from anywhere. Some people choose to go with the option of writing for various clients and businesses – where you are paid per work or per article. Such work has its merits, but it can also become a little monotonous. If you are only interested in writing about certain topics, and you wish to set your own schedule, you may want to start a blog. If you can gather enough of an audience by promoting your posts on social media and among your friends, you could easily monetize your blog and bring in a solid income every month.

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