Types of Safety Bollards You Must Know

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Bollards are put up for several reasons, but their primary purpose is to ensure safety for people and properties. Safety bollards serve as barricades in between parking lots and sidewalks or buildings. They are also used to reduce the speed of traffic because they can narrow the lanes down.

Since safety bollards serve many purposes, they come in different types. It’s essential to know the types of safety bollards and their uses, so you’ll have a good idea on what type to get when you decide to install one.

Here are the types of safety bollards you must know:

  • Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are the right safety bollards for you if you’re looking for flexibility. Removable safety bollards can easily be detached from your property whenever you need additional space, which you can’t do with round concrete bollards. You can use this type of bollard in inhibiting vehicle access and for marking spaces.

  • Permanent Bollards

This safety bollard is as sturdy as the name suggests. These are permanent barricades that protect your property and serve as warning signs for those who try to bypass a limited and exclusive space.

  • Retractable Bollards

This type of safety bollard limits vehicle access in a facility’s entry and exit points. You can control these at any time of the day, given that you have access to enter and leave the building premises where the retractable bollards are installed. The retractable bollards raise from the ground to prevent entry and retract back to their ground receivers to allow vehicles to pass through.

  • Automatic Bollards

Automatic safety bollards give you easy control and access. You can raise or lower the bollard without having to do it manually. This strong security measure is perfect for people who are always on the go and don’t have much extra time on their hands.

  • Flexible Plastic Bollards

This type of safety bollard is best for lane delineation. It is very visible and can be run over for easy access. Since they have vertical memory, they can easily pop right up. They are a perfect choice for high-traffic areas.

  • Decorative Bollards

Safety bollards are not only capable of securing an area, they can also compliment the design of the building and its landscaping.

How do you install safety bollards?

  • Drill through the Surface

Mark your installation points and use an auger to drill holes where you want to put up the bollards and barriers. The hole itself will be wider than the bollard because you need to leave room for installing a rebar reinforcement and filling the area around it with concrete.

  • Prepare the Parking Post Installation Site

Put a layer of gravel to act as a drainage point for the bollards at the bottom of the hole you drilled. This prevents rain, snow, mud and water from accumulating in the ground sleeves for your removable bollards. Drop a cylindrical rebar cage inside the hole and let it rest on top of the gravel. This provides reinforcement for the ground sleeve or the bollard you plan to install.

  • Install the Ground Sleeves, Bollards and Barriers

When you want to install ground sleeves for removable bollards, ensure that the surface of the ground sleeve is even with the ground level. If you are going to put up a surface-mounted fixed barrier, make sure that it stands a full meter above the surface to ensure the best level of protection.

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