Unique Gift Ideas for Men During the Lockdown

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Even during the lockdown, people still celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Besides hosting a virtual party, what are some gift ideas for men who already have everything they need?

If you doubt your gift choices, take a look at these areas in his life – interests, weaknesses, relationship status, and stress levels. Read this article to find out more.

What are his hobbies and interests?

For the tech-savvy, there is a wide choice of gift ideas for men. Here are a few examples:

  • Tablet bean bag to keep his tablet within sight
  • A set of wireless, rechargeable earphones
  • Blue light blocking glasses to avoid eye strain from long hours in front of the computer
  • Tablet holder that he can attach to tables

If he loves watching football and cricket games, the chances are high that he drinks beer. Based on research done by Roy Morgan, 5.3 million Australian men drank beer within four weeks.  During the lockdown, he would appreciate having the following gifts while watching game replays:

  • Beer mug to measure his level of drunkenness
  • Beer bong, or even a lighter with a cool flame
  • Shower beer holder
  • Drinking hat
  • Multi-purpose caddy cushion to store his glass, beer bottle, and the remote control

What Are His Weaknesses?

A Seattle psychologist named Michael Gurian mentioned that most men tend to be messy. To help them be more organised, here are some possible gift ideas for men:

  • A key finder that also looks for your phone and wallet
  • A mug where men can write their list of things-to-do
  • An RFID wallet that stores up to six cards
  • A fake book which doubles as a “safe” for important stuff
  • Cable organiser
  • Bedside pocket to store his phone, remote control, books, and other small items
  • Paperclip holder
  • An all-in-one case that contains a bottle opener, scraper, lighter, and other useful tools

What Is His Relationship Status?

If your male friend is single and living alone, he will be tickled pink when he receives the following gifts:

  • Head massager to encourage hair growth
  • Back scratcher for those hard-to-reach itchy areas

For the married couples enjoying intimate time during the lockdown, send card games to educate them on getting intimate with their partners.

Is He Stressed?

According to the Australian National University (ANU), 47 per cent of Australians are stressed because of the pandemic. Many believe that their finances and relationships have worsened. To create a positive vibe, why not send some humorous gifts?

  • Stretch and squishy hand fidget toys reduce stress by improving focus.
  • A daily mood accessory will explain his current mood. Psychologists recommend taking one’s emotional temperature instead of denying.
  • A jellyfish lamp to create calmness at home.
  • A shower speaker to enjoy his favourite music while bathing. Pair it with a willy washer soap to double the fun.
  • A savings box will remind him to save for the future.
  • Retro video and TV games

A little self-pampering also reduces stress. Why not send over the following while the barbershops are still closed?

  • A moustache grooming kit will tame their hair.
  • A manicure grooming set will keep their nails clean and glossy.

Based on the suggestions above, there is no shortage of gift ideas for men; you just have to know your receiver.

Image Credits: Antonio Janeski

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