Vital Business Tech Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2018

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If you want your business to be successful in 2018, you will need to embrace some specific tech. This is something that many businesses can find tough, especially if they haven’t got tech specialists on staff. However, it’s isn’t as complicated as it sounds, in fact, all you need to do is read the post below for some guidance.


Contrary to popular belief Artificial Intelligence (AI) isn’t about the rise of the robots in a post-apocalyptic sort of way. Yes, atomisation both in the physical and digital world is part of the AI revolution, but underlining that is the concept of machine learning. Machine learning is where computers can supersede programmed tasks and learn to approach and navigate unfamiliar challenges on their own.

Yup, it sounds pretty Sci-Fi, but it’s something that has a long history in many well-established industries, aeronautics being one of them.

Vital Business Tech Trends You Can't Ignore in 2018 3

Of course, you may be thinking about how on earth this sort of machine learning and AI can help with your business? Well, it is all about making response times as quick as possible, combined with being able to give customers what they want with less effort and input from a human team. By doing this, your business can not only reduce costs and be more effective but also improve the service that you provide to your customers. Something that means AI can help you achieve business success on not one, but two counts.

Online presence

While having a quality and effective online presence is a trend that started well before 2018, it is also something that will continue to be of importance this year.

In particular, businesses can improve their performance by designing their websites and online presence to funnel leads into their sales system. This funnelling is something that can result in an increased in closed sales, as well as providing an opportunity for customer advocacy further down the line.

Having a website that funnels customers to your business is vital in 2016.

Of course, creating a site that does this can be a tall order, especially if you have no design and coding experts on your team. Something that can make it worth your while to use a professional web design agency instead. Then, at least you will be secure in the knowledge that your site not only looks great, but it is working in the most efficient way for the success of your business.

Productivity monitoring

Another worthwhile tech to investigate in 2018 for many businesses is productivity monitoring software. This type of software is essentially a system that allows a single person to track how effectively your employees are working at any given time.

The benefits of such a system to a business are largely obvious, in that it can help reduce wasted time, as well as encourage autonomous work motivation.

This is something that many productivity software manufacturers have realised and has, in turn, lead them to include specific system functions. Functions such as the ability for supervisors to contact and praise and individuals directly. Something that can further enhance morale and motivation for the rest of the shift and have a direct effect on the performance of your business.

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