A Wallet Friendly Bag of Tricks for Planning a Memorable 21st Soiree

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Whether you’re planning an epic party for your own 21st birthday celebrations or you’re in the midst of planning a surprise bash for a friend or loved one, it is time to think big. This is a really special age and it should be commemorated with a bang. The question is, how do you create a 21st soiree that people will be talking about for months after they leave?

Well, you can start by letting your imagination run wild. There is so much that you can do with a 21st birthday party and there doesn’t have to be a cold sausage roll or a karaoke machine in sight. Think big, think bold, and think outside of the box. You could even design your party around a specific theme or idea. This will give the event structure and tell guests what to expect from the night.

The possibilities are endless and this guide to some of the most cost effective ways to party will help you make it one to remember.

Hire a Photo Booth

Photo booth services are really popular right now, because they give revelers a chance to act silly and let their hair down without worrying about the cost. It is surprisingly affordable to hire a photo booth to add to the glitz and glamour of your 21st soiree. You and your guests can pile into a makeshift booth and pout your heart out. Then, when you’ve finished, you’ll be treated to a set of high quality memento photographs.

Indulge in a Pool Party

If you’re struggling for great party ideas, just look around you. The weather and the climate is ideal for enjoying the outdoors. While a pool party might not be the most original idea, it is guaranteed to go down well with guests. Rustle up some tasty treats on the barbecue, put your best tunes on, and get your swimsuit out. Just remember – If you are going to drink alcohol around water, you need to be drinking less and staying alert.

Host a Casino Night

Turning 21 is a real occasion for celebration, so why not show the world how sophisticated you are by throwing a super cool casino night? You can hire a roulette wheel, a card table, and even get one of your mates to dress up as a croupier. Ask everybody to turn up in their fanciest black tie outfits, complete with dinner jackets and cocktail dresses. Then, you can play poker or craps until there’s only one man (or woman) standing.

Throw a Face Swap Bash

For groups of friends who are all pretty comfortable with one another, mixing things up and getting a little strange can be a lot of fun. For instance, you could turn your 21st birthday bash into a face swap party. The rules are simple; everybody has to attend dressed as one of the other guests. There’s nothing quite like the shock of choking on your mini quiche because you’ve spotted somebody dressed head to toe as you in the room.

Have a Dinner Party

You might, of course, prefer something a little more relaxed. After all, smoke machines and disc jockeys aren’t for everybody. Some people like to take things slow and enjoy the finer things in life. One of the cheapest ways to throw a memorable 21st soiree is to get some of your best friends round for an amazing dinner party. If you theme it around a specific country or region, you can get creative and make some matching decorations too.

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