What Every Business Owner Needs to Know for Their First Commercial Move

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Whether you own a brick and mortar business that’s moving to a better street in your city or if you’re doing something a little more outlandish, such as moving your business from one country to another. So, one thing that everyone can agree on, regardless of distance, is how tough a move is. While yes, moving into a new home is really tough, for the most part, you already have a solid idea of where everything is going. It’s not entirely the case when it comes to moving a business.

There’s so much planning involved, and once everything is at the new locations, there’s still even more planning involved. So, there are a few things that every first-time moving business owner needs to know about, so keep reading on to find out!

This Needs to Be Planned Way Far in Advance

It’s usually more in advance than a regular move (like moving houses); these usually need to be planned at least one year in advance, yes, one year! In general, commercial moves are complex and time-consuming, so it’s crucial to start planning well in advance- you essentially have no choice. You’ll absolutely need to have a detailed timeline created that covers everything from selecting the new location to moving day.

For the most part, you have to be able to immediately transition so business goes back to usual ASAP; this is something that’s not the same in personal lives where you have a few days off to transition into your new home; it’s just not really like that for businesses because every second counts so the longer the transition, the more money you’re losing and the more hurt your business is going to be. It’s just an endless vicious cycle, which is why it’s so important to have this thoroughly planned out to a T.

You’ll Need to Hire Professional Movers

No one likes admitting it, but sometimes you’re better off hiring movers than doing it yourself with a few friends. In fact, you’re far better off when it comes to a commercial move to do this anyway. For starters, it’s a business expense, so you can expect a tax write-off for it.

Second off, they’re going to make the whole process way smoother. Just think about it: you’re probably still going to have to continue with business operations such as making phone calls, responding to emails, marketing, changing your address, you name it. Do you really have the time and energy to make multiple trips and move all of these heavy boxes, equipment, and machinery?

On top of that, do you even have the right vehicles to make the move? What if you’re planning on moving to another country like the UK and needing to head to France? It’s not like you can easily put everything in your car and make it there; absolutely not. You’d need to just face the facts that you’re going to need professionals, such as those that focus on UK to France removals, to help you get this job done. In general, you’re options are going to be pretty limited, and you’re going to be helping yourself by opting for hiring professionals to get the job done for you.

Notify Clients, Suppliers, and Service Providers About the Move

No matter how smooth you’re expecting this transition to be, it might not be nearly as smooth as what you’d imagine. So it’s absolutely going to be in your best interest to just go ahead and notify people of the move. It’s up to you how personal this will be, as sometimes one social media post isn’t really going to cut it. So you need to make sure you’re communicating it clearly so everyone knows that there’s going to be some disruptions.

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