What is Anti-Ageing Coaching and How Can It Help You?

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Anti-ageing actions are one of the biggest current trends worldwide. That is largely due to the increase in life expectancy of many people.

In Europe, for example, life expectancy has increased by 6 years in the last 25 years. To that, we add that our lifestyle has changed due to the hectic pace of modern times and our desire to appear young.

Not only do we eat and move differently, but there has also been a shift in our priorities. Career, international experience and travel are some examples of priorities among man Millennials. This has led to the average age of first-time mothers rising to 29.3 years at a European level.

With all this, the need and desire to look and feel young also increases, to face the challenges of life with greater vitality.

This is where anti-ageing coaching poses a solution.

But first of all, what is ageing?

In order to understand anti-ageing, you must first understand what it means to get old.

We can define ageing as the wear and tear of the mechanisms in our body.

The human body is a collection of billions of cells, each of them executing its assigned function by our DNA.

Cells are working non-stop 24 hours a day to keep us alive and functioning. Sometimes they need to be repaired or even replaced with new cells.

When, despite repairs and changes, cells fail to perform the same work as in the beginning, alterations occur in the functioning of the body.

Some examples are the arrest of the growth of new hairs, the lack of elasticity in the skin or the loss of vitality.

It is what people commonly refer to as ageing.

What is anti-ageing?

Most people associate anti-ageing with cosmetic surgery or facial treatments like those provided by looklovelylondon.co.uk. This is due to the beauty industry, which is increasingly using terms such as anti-ageing.

However, as we have seen before, ageing is born deep within us, at the cellular level. Therefore, it makes sense that anti-ageing is also approached from the inside and not only on the outside. After all, the exterior is a projection of our interior.

Trying to blur the effects of ageing without fixing its cause is like having a hole in the roof and using a bucket to catch rainwater instead of repairing the roof.

In conclusion, anti-ageing consists of all the actions we can take to look and feel young, both inside and out.

What is the goal of anti-ageing coaching?

The purpose of anti-ageing coaching or counselling is to find the root of the signs of inner and outer ageing and fix it.

Except for a small percentage that is due to genetics, the causes of ageing are in the lifestyle of each person. Lifestyle comprises all of our daily actions and emotions. That is, it is not only about work, food and physical exercise, but also about the quality of sleep, the level of stress and everything we feel throughout the day.

A good anti-ageing coach will help you observe and analyze all these actions and emotions and find ways to improve them.

Of course, this is not something that happens overnight, but rather a complex process of self-knowledge. However, we all know that everything in life worth having takes time.

Let’s leave behind the desire for instant gratification and focus on actions that lead to great, long-term sustainable results.

Who is anti-ageing coaching for?

Anti-ageing coaching is for all people who:

  • want to look and feel younger longer
  • understand that prevention is better than cure
  • have started to face the signs of premature ageing and want to reverse them
  • want more energy and vitality to play with their children or grandchildren
  • are willing to make positive changes in their life to feel better
  • need a professional to support them to improve their lifestyle

And you, are you prepared to live in a young and vital body for the rest of your life?

Image Credits: Alexandru Zdrobău

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