What Kind of Lawyer is Right for My Needs?

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There are several different kinds of lawyers who specialise in different matters to suit people’s specific needs. Each lawyer specialises in something different and it’s important to know which kind of lawyer you need to save you and your attorney’s time. Lawyers can simply give you advice on what to do next and/or represent you in court. Here are a few different kinds of lawyers that could help you in different situations.

Family Lawyer

A family lawyer will specialise in domestic and family matters. They help people draft up pre and post nuptial agreements and also help with the termination of marriage. They are hired during a divorce or separation to sort out alimony, child custody, child support, settlements and the division of property and assets. Family lawyers also help with custody issues, adoptions, domestic abuse and child abuse cases and juvenile delinquency. If reliable options are what you need, then click here for more information.

Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer represents people who claim to have experienced injuries caused by accident or by another person in the workplace, at home or in other situations. Examples include being injured in an automobile accident, injury as a result of negligence in the workplace, slip and fall accidents and medical malpractice. Apply for medical negligence help if you’ve been caused harm, it might change your life. Personal injury lawyers will provide legal advice to the person who has been injured and will help them reach a settlement and receive compensation for their injuries.

Property Lawyer

A property lawyer deals with the possession and ownership of real property, which is often classified as land and buildings and other things that are on that land, and personal property, also known as moveable property, such as furniture, cars, keepsakes, valuables and other personal items. Property law also tends to be divided into commercial and residential property. People tend to consult a property lawyer to help draft up a contract or a lease, obtain deeds to a property or a title, when their property is damaged or when they’re looking to buy or sell a house. They are also help with planning permission or construction, when there are issues between landlords and tenants, the management of estates and property ownership.

Franchise Lawyer

A franchise lawyer works with franchisees (the owners of a business or the rights to something) and franchisors (people seeking to license a service or product). Franchisors can license things such as the copyright, trademarks and logos of a franchisees service or product and franchise lawyers help with contracts, Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs), transactions and negotiations, marketing and advertising, disputes between the franchisor and franchisee, and compliance with the law.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

A criminal defence lawyer specialises in criminal law and those who have participated in criminal activity, or have been accused of a crime. They will represent the defendant and deal with negotiations, plea bargains, lessen their client’s sentence and prove their client’s innocence. Criminal lawyers deal with everything from misdemeanours such as petty theft and vandalism to felonies like kidnapping and aggravated assault.

There are so many other kinds of lawyers that are not listed here. It’s important to do your research to find out what kind of lawyer suits your needs. Once you figure out which kind of law your lawyer needs to specialise in, you can begin contacting them to see who works best with you and who will represent you fairly.

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