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As we move forward in the technological era, more and more companies are attempting to find uses for different forms of software and hardware in order to advance their business. This can range across a wide number of areas from marketing their brand online or applying machine learning to business problems. What is most important, however, is understanding what technology is going to be most useful to you and why you should use. So here, we are going to discuss some of the different ways companies used tech and what it could mean for you.


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Digital marketing has become more and more popular and accessible that it now is considered reckless to not be including online in your advertising budget, and for good reason. The internet is one of the easiest ways to reach mass numbers of people, as well as targeting specific markets that best suit your company’s needs. There are two forms of marketing that we are going to discuss here; the first is search engine optimization (SEO) which should be top of any list that involves using online tools. Second will be social media, something that it feels like everyone us, but it is fair to say not everyone understands.

SEO is the practice of improving your visibility online, specifically when it comes to the likes of Google and Bing. The importance of having a strong SEO cannot be underestimated because it is the difference between appearing high in search results relating to your business and not at all. Some of the ways you can go about improving your SEO are as follows; for starters, you should be investing your time in Keywords. These are the words and phrases that a search engine is going to look for on your web page in order to asses how relevant it is to what the user is searching for. You can try and asses this on your own, but it makes much more sense to make use of free software tools like Google Keyword Planner which conduct the research for you and provide you with results.

There is more to SEO than just keywords, but without the right set of words and phrases, you will find it hard to make the most out of your website with regards to visibility online.

Next up, it’s social media. A lot of businesses will rush head first into opening accounts of a large number of social media websites, but that can often be a mistake. It is likely to be more efficient to spend your resources on building up a presence on networks that your target market is more likely to use. Conducting research into which brand is being used by who will give you a greater idea of where you should be concentrating your efforts. Facebook is the most popular social network, but just because it has a high number of profiles that doesn’t mean its users are all active, so it can be beneficial to use a service to boost your Facebook presence. In addition to being aware of your market’s habits, you should think about what your or your marketing team’s capabilities are. YouTube is all video content, so if you don’t have the tools required to shoot and edit video content, it would be a waste of your time and energy to build up a profile on this website. The same applies to the likes of Instagram. Finding the right social media for you is just as important as being active on there.

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One of the most important things in every company is having a workforce, no matter how big or small, being as efficient and productive as it possibly can. Technology has come up with several ways to assist with that, like artificial intelligence. But understanding how it works, such as seeking the explanation of differences between machine learning and deep learning, and what to use AI infrastructure for is the most important thing. Having technology for the sake of it is a backwards step when it comes to making your organization more productive.

So what is the software that you can use to enhance your company’s work? Well for starters, there are hundreds of applications out there that are designed to help you with all factors of your business. Asana is a project management tool that helps you create projects, set goals and work out ways to achieve them. The fact that this app allows your team to access the project and provide regular updates means you can manage any product launch or initiative with more confidence and ease. There are many other resources for this kind of management like Mondays.com.

If your business operates more of a day-to-day style of work rather than set projects like discussed above, consider using applications like Todoist which allows you to create daily task list and the ability to assign said tasks to specific users. This will help you increase your productivity because it removes any need for conversation about what to do and when to do it. The line manager can set out jobs at the beginning of the working day, and when employees arrive they log on and know where to start straight away.

All of these types of applications will provide some sort of better organisation which in turn will lead to improved productivity. There are alternatives such as utilizing automation where possible, but as outlined previously you should tread carefully with technology you are unfamiliar with. Bad tech can slow you down just as much as good tech can speed you up.

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Ultimately with anything related to business, it comes down to what best suits your work. The advances made in technology in the past few decades are nothing short of incredible, but just because something is good for one user doesn’t mean it is for another. As artificial intelligence starts to improve in the near future, companies will start to feel more and more compelled to adapt to the changing landscape ahead of them. But using technology wisely should be top of anyone’s list.

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