What to Look for in the Best Digital Signage Software for Retail

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Digital signage is becoming more popular with retail marketing because it grabs the attention of customers and drives sales. They are an essential tool for retail businesses because they can be used to promote discounts, display new products, and make store announcements. They’re more engaging than traditional signs and they’re responsible for more foot traffic.

If you’re looking to have digital signage but aren’t sure where to start or which digital signage company to go for, here is what you should be looking for in the best digital signage software for your retail business.

Easy to Use

Digital signage software should be easy to download and your employees should be able to quickly navigate the settings. The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive so that your team can easily deliver content to all the screens in your retail store. They should be able to efficiently create quality content with videos, images, audio, and text.

Content Management System

You should be able to keep all your content and campaigns in one place with a content management system. Having a central place to manage your digital signage will make it easier for you to update and modify your signs.

A good content management system will offer users templates that they can customise to suit their brand or create their own dynamic content. It should offer users different formatting options and the ability to see what their content will look like. To make their own unique signs, users should be able to change the font and font sizes, and upload their own fonts. They should also be able to upload their own stock images, videos, and graphics.

Scheduling Options

The best digital signage software will give you the ability to schedule your content once you’ve created it. Being able to automate campaigns will give you more time to concentrate on other elements of your retail business since you won’t have to post content daily.

You should be able to choose the date and time the content goes up, and the length of time it is shown on the screens in your store. You should be able to schedule new content to appear straight after the last sign so that the change is seamless. This will be handy for when you get new items in each season, have new sales, and have limited time offers.

Works Remotely

Digital signage software should free you of the limitations and laboriousness of having to go to your store to manually change out signs all the time. The software should enable you to log in to your account on your PC or tablet to update content and manage displays from wherever you are.

Works with Multiple Displays

Digital signage software should be powerful enough to support content on multiple displays throughout your store and offer you the ability to synchronize content or have unique content on each one. It should also be able to support more screens if you feel the need to add them. Ask your digital signage provider about whether this is something they can do or if you need to purchase multiple media players.

Customer Support

The digital signage software provider you choose should offer ongoing customer support and cater to your needs. You may be able to manage software updates yourself, but to ensure you don’t face major downtime due to connectivity problems, you should be offered top-quality support to help you troubleshoot issues and get things up and running again as soon as possible.

Cost Effectiveness

Getting signs and flyers printed for each new promotion and product line is expensive. When it comes to digital signage software, there is an initial installation fee and monthly or annual fees, but it works out cheaper in the long run.

The overall cost will depend on the provider you choose and the number of screens you want to set up in your store. Digital signage software is an investment, which is sure to pay off when you begin attracting new customers with your dynamic content.

Now that you know how convenient and essential digital signage software is for retail, it’s time for you to research different providers. Make sure you look for all the features mentioned above before you make your final decision.

Image Credits: Vlad Chețan

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