What’s a Carrier Oil for CBD and How Does it Work?

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In the last couple of years, products derived from the cannabis plant have become pretty famous all around the world, and for some people, they have become a miraculous solution for different pain-inducing inflammatory diseases, as well as other physical and mental conditions.

As time has passed by, a different alternative appeared on the market, and it was soon known as CBD. Also known by its other name, cannabidiol, this compound is also found in a plant which is similar to the cannabis, but pretty different at the same time.

You see, whenever someone talks about cannabis or marijuana, we instinctively think about the fact that these two things can get people high. There’s science behind it, which I will explain as simply as possible. There’s a substance that you can find in cannabis known as Tetrahydrocannabidiol, also called THC. This specific substance is what gets people high, and the more it contains, the quicker, stronger, and more durable the effect will be.

Although the effects of marijuana can vary depending on whether it is Indica or Sativa, ultimately, it is THC that decides how strong its psychoactive properties will be. In case you don’t know what the differences between Indica and Sativa are, you can visit this article over here. Most people would say that Indica is relaxing, whereas Sativa is reactive, but there’s much more to it than that!

Now, why is it so important to understand this? Well, CBD related products are derived from the hemp plant, which contains lower levels of THC! In fact, all products containing CBD cannot surpass 0.3% of THC levels, and this makes it a perfect alternative for medicinal purposes.

Not everyone would like to get intoxicated whenever they take their spoon of oil. Not to mention that cannabidiol can also be used on animals such as dogs and cats, and pet owners have started to use it as an alternative to help their pets deal with the pain that comes from different diseases, and the loss of mobility that comes with old age.

It’s also great for things like anxiety and insomnia, and depending on the type of product you go for, you might enjoy relaxation effects that might help you (or your pet) to relax during stressful situations.

Most products come in the form of orally ingested oil, but there are other alternatives on the market. For example, you can find cookies, dog treats, and chocolate bars containing it. You can even get it in ice cream! But most people go for oils because they are the most common, but there’s a trick to it that not everyone knows: carrier oils.

What’s a Carrier Oil?

CBD drops next to a drink

There are many types of carrier oils, and each one has a different effect, adding its little touch to the mix, but all carrier oils fulfil the same principle role: to make the CBD principal oil a little weaker, diluting it without actually diminishing its effects.

When it comes to carriers, you can definitely find a great variety of options out there. If you look at this article https://www.healthline.com/health/carrier-oil, you’ll see how many options there are for essential oils, but what about the ones that are specifically used for CBD?

Well,  to put it simply, it depends entirely on you and what you might want to enjoy whenever you consume your cannabidiol product.

If you go for an oil that is used directly on the skin, choosing a carrier oil might not make that much of a difference in comparison to choosing a cannabidiol oil that should be consumed.

Normally, you’d find carrier oils derived from plants such as sunflower, or the seed of the hemp plant, and palm oil. Another really common option is coconut oil, which has a strong, likable presence.

Each one of these derivatives has its own pros and cons, and researching them is an absolute must if you want to avoid suffering from side-effects when consuming CBD. I recommend that you check my blog for more detailed information about which one is the best carrier oil for CBD, and why.

Overall, some stores have learned to dilute their products to avoid stomach problems, which is one of the side-effects of cannabidiol, and it can also cause things like diarrhea and vomiting in some extreme, rare cases.

If you are afraid of suffering from these side-effects, I recommend you use your product with a carrier, just to be sure!

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