Why It’s Important to Show Appreciation for Loved Ones

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The overwhelming majority of us have at least one person in our lives who we couldn’t imagine living without. We might not spend every moment of every day thinking about them – but if they weren’t there, then their absence would leave a hole that would be difficult to fill. And you’d probably regret not telling them more often how much you appreciated their company!

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic might have prompted many of us to reassess our priorities, and to reconsider what is valuable in life and what isn’t. And most of us will put friends and relatives somewhere near the top of the list, if not at the very pinnacle.

Of course, the best way to tell a person that you’re thinking about them, and that you appreciate them, is with the help of a gesture. It doesn’t have to be big and flashy – even a small gesture can make a big impact, especially if it’s unexpected. This is especially the case when we’re undergoing periods of enforced self-isolation, as there’s a considerable potential for loneliness to take hold. Let’s look at a few easy ways to show appreciation to the important people in our lives.

Pick up the Phone

Even in good times, a simple phone call can have an enormously powerful effect. The human voice connects in a way that text messages, email and Facebook can’t quite replicate. It’s great for staying in touch with elderly relatives, but it’s also a great way to touch base with the people with whom you normally only talk to face-to-face, and via instant messaging.

Write a Card

Online services like Moonpig and Funky Pigeon allow you to pen a greetings card without having to actually put pen to paper – and they’re currently sagging beneath the weight of excess demand. But something you’ve written yourself is far more likely to get the message across – so it’s worth taking the trip to your local post-box as part of your single daily exercise session!

Gift Baskets

Given that we’re not going to be getting quite as much face-to-face contact as we once did, receiving an unexpected package through the post might be just the pick-me-up that someone needs. Chocolate hampers can be pre-arranged and delivered right to the door, and they’re certain to brighten the day.

Flower Delivery

The same applies to flowers. Though the nation’s florists might have shut up shop – at least for the time being – there will be no better way to mark the end of this unpleasant episode than with the help of a bouquet of beautiful flowers, delivered right to the front door.

Image Credits: Debby Hudson

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