Why Should You Expand Your Business Internationally?

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Whatever the size of your business, you should always strive for growth and expansion, this is why taking your business internationally could be a strong move for you. Many entrepreneurs are missing out by completely disregarding foreign countries as part of their business plan. We’ve put this guide together to show you why we think you should think of expanding your business internationally.

Everybody is doing it

First of all, you need to know that most big companies currently have international customers and do not shy away from opening their doors to more and more countries. Amazon is the perfect example of that success story, the leader in online sales.

In fact, Amazon is spread across 13 country-specific sites (US, UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria) but also ships to over 100 countries outside the US. By doing so, they have acquired over 100 million subscribers and shipped over 5 billion items worldwide. That’s the perfect example why opening your horizon could be extremely rewarding for your company.

It’s easier than you think

Before starting anything, it is essential to put in place a business plan to figure out which country could bring some funds to your company. Indeed, you need to make sure you understand cultural differences, local currency and if the country you are targeting is compatible with your product and your business.

Once you have established this, you can then start looking into how to transport your goods efficiently. You’ll need an international and reliable courier service such as Parcel2Go. By choosing a trustworthy service like theirs, you are guaranteed to offer your customers a fast and cheap delivery, they also offer competitive rates and great couriers.

You’ll need to adjust the pricing of your product to be able to make your profit, it needs to be high enough to make some profit but low enough, so your prices are competitive.

New talents

For some companies, expanding globally means hiring international employees. By doing so, you are opening your doors to many various and great new talents that you may have not found in your own country. It’s also important to note that if you are thinking of taking your business over to countries such as China or Japan, having native speakers could really make a big difference as they would definitely have a better understanding of the market and the cultural differences.

Developing your business globally might seem scary or too risky at first but it could make you stand out from your competitors and really make a difference to your earnings in the long run.

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