Why Should You Get a Smoking Subscription Box?

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Subscription is the way to go for most businesses. The subscription economy is shaping the future, and the cannabis industry is adopting it as well. If you’re a cannabis user for medical or recreational reasons, you should consider using a smoking subscription box. It is a new concept to most users. If you’re new to cannabis in general, make sure it is legal where you live.

Therefore, you should learn about them before subscribing to one. In this article, learn what a smoking subscription box is and some of its benefits.

What is a Smoking Subscription Box?

A smoking subscription box is a box containing certain cannabis products. These are delivered to you at a specific frequency, be it weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.

There’s a difference in the pricing model too. Instead of paying for each product, you pay a subscription fee. More often than not, the billing period is monthly. But you will have other options too.

So what are the benefits of adopting the subscription model?

Access to Extra Supplies

The main USP of subscription services is exclusivity. You get access to products that other people don’t. The products can be herbs, oils, pipes, or anything that a cannabis user would. Smoking subscription services operate exclusively for cannabis users and offer products that are more relevant to them. So by signing up for such services, you’ll get access to supplies that you wouldn’t otherwise.

And it’s not just limited to supplies. You might avail of exclusive deals and discounts as well. To encourage customers to pay monthly, they run promotional offers regularly.


The boxes aren’t the same for everyone. You can customize it and have those items in the box that you’d need.

Cannabis smoking experience is best when you use the accessories. The accessories include ashtrays, bongs, eye drops, glass pipes, lighter, cleaners, and brushes.

But it’s possible that you might not need all of them regularly. Depending on your use, you’ll need lighter more often than cleaners. So you can customize the box to include more lighters.

So with the smoking subscription boxes, you can customize the products to your exact needs.

The Convenience of Home Delivery

The boxes are delivered straight to your home. Subscription services operate online. When you place an order, the products are shipped from their warehouse. In most cases, the delivery charges are included in the subscription fees. So you do not have to spend extra on home delivery.

With this convenience, you do not have to worry about finding the right product at a store. The store might not stock the products you’re looking for. This would have you visit multiple stores. With a subscription service, you get everything under one roof.

Reliable Service with Authentic Products

Unfortunately, the cannabis industry is struggling with fake or counterfeit products. Illegal synthetic marijuana is used in vape and edible products. Quality issues may be surrounding the accessories as well.

The smoking subscription services are comparatively much safer. They deal with authentic products only and follow a strict quality protocol. So, when you receive your box, expect genuine and authentic cannabis products.

Smoking subscription box services are just getting off the ground. As more people adopt the concept, they will become mainstream and perhaps the only way to procure cannabis products. Since there are so many benefits, it’s better to subscribe to a service to make your life easier.

Image Credits: Mike Von

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