3 Keys To Unlocking The Door To Good Health

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Keeping your health in a good way is paramount to you leading a comfortable life; if your body is kept in a good condition then you’re going to be living a pain free and illness free life, but if your body is not in a good way then you’ll have pains everywhere and will be much more prone to illness. So what can you do in the 21st century to keep your health up? Well, a few things, that you’re going to find out about if you carry on reading!


Keeping fit is one of the 3 pillars of keeping your body healthy, but it’s one of the most annoying things to do and find the time for. Exercise refers to anything that gets your muscles pumping and your lungs working hard; exercise is the way that we physically train our bodies to perform better, but why? And what should you do? Well, when you do exercise you actually damage your body very slightly, which seems counter intuitive but carry on reading. When your body has been slightly damaged, which comes in the form of small muscle and lung cell tears, the structures then begin to repair themselves. This reparation is how you get stronger and fitter; the muscle and organs that are involved in the exercise get bigger as a result of being repaired. This means that you now have more muscle and active cells, meaning that your body is stronger and is able to last longer!

But which form of exercise should you do? Well, a mixture of cardiovascular and strength training. Strength training refers to muscle building, anything that makes you physically stronger  by building muscle mass, fighting aging by reducing the amount of muscle wasting that occurs. Cardiovascular refers to anything that is to do with mainly your lungs and heart, such as running, rowing, biking, sprinting, that kind of thing! You should be aiming to do a mixture of both of these to keep your body in balance, so go ahead and do it! Check out guides on how to work out at home if you need inspiration.

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Kicking the Habits

Habits are part of human nature, and we all have them; but some of them are more detrimental to our health than others. There are lots of habits that are bad for your health, but we’re going to focus on the two main ones that are common in the 21st century; cigarettes and alcohol. These two are the most accessible, addictive and damaging thing that we have legally available to use, but what are the dangers and how do we prevent them? Well, cigarettes are a danger because they contain a lot of carcinogenic compounds such as chromium, arsenic, benzene and beryllium to name a few. These compounds on their own and in the small amounts that they are in usually aren’t a problem to the human system, but by consistently smoking them, a process known as bioaccumulation occurs; the amounts of carcinogenic material builds up, causing damage. Alcohol too has a very similar effect, but less so as it contains less carcinogens. Alcohol does however lead to weight gain and stomach problems, so we want to avoid both of these by not having them as often as you normally do.

Lung.org is a service designed for smokers to help them stop, and drinkaware.co.uk is a website designed to help people stop drinking. With smoking, there is a viable and much more safe alternative that you can get invested into now; vaping is a safe and clean alternative, so check out ecigwizard.com to get your hands on something that could save your life.

3 Keys To Unlocking The Door To Good Health 3


The final pillar is keeping a good diet. You are what you eat, your body processes what food you eat so you have to make sure that it’s full of vitamins and nutrients whilst eliminating going into excess with things like fat, salt, and sugar. Putting weight on through your diet can dramatically decrease your quality of life due to the effort of having to have extra weight, with the self confidence issues that it brings. You’re going to want to cut out as much fat, salt and sugar out of your diet as possible, using online diet planners. These things all contribute to the addition of weight and circulation issues, as well as problems with your nervous system and your digestive system, so you should definitely be eating healthy to keep your body happy.

Kick the habits out of your lifestyle, eat well and exercise and you’ll have a body that you’re proud to show off and that is comfortable to live in! You’ll not have to worry about getting ill or having pains because you’re looking after yourself. With diets, sometimes online planners just aren’t enough and you need a lot of help and ideas, so read this to get you going!

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