4 Common Causes Of Bone Fractures

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Bone fractures, or broken bones, are very common injuries. In fact, the average person experiences at least two broken bones throughout their lifetime. Most bone fractures are due to a handful of causes. By understanding these causes, you may be able to prevent them from happening. At the very least, understanding the causes can help you identify bone fractures more easily. Below are the 4 most common causes.

Slips and falls

The large majority of bone fractures are due to slips and falls. From falling down stairs to slipping on a wet floor there are all kinds of ways we can fall over and develop fractures.

Such injuries may not always be our fault – it may be possible to seek compensation in such circumstances, such as slipping on a wet floor that hasn’t been signposted. Other injuries may be due to our own doing such as drinking too much alcohol or generally being clumsy and not looking where we’re going.

You can generally avoid these injuries by:

  • Using lighting in dimly lit areas
  • Limiting your alcohol intake
  • Wearing appropriate footwear on a wet day
  • Using mobility aids such as a walking stick or wheelchair if you have a mobility problem

Sports injuries

Sports injuries can be another big cause of broken bones. This could include an impact injury such as a strike to the shin with a hockey stick. Alternatively, a fracture could be due to repetitive strain such as running.

Such injuries may force you to take a break from your sport. You should avoid them by taking precautions when you train. This could include:

  • Wearing the right gear such as shin pads or running shoes
  • Limiting running over uneven surfaces
  • Taking time to recover from exercise and not overtraining
  • Taking a break from sports or exercise once you start to feel pain

Falling objects

You may also sustain a bone fracture from a falling object. Such an object could be anything from a box falling off a shelf to an unsecured refrigerator falling on you. Fractures caused by falling objects can include everything from a fractured skull to a broken wrist while protecting oneself.

This is a common accident in workplaces and in many cases you may be able to seek compensation using workcover lawyers if it was not your fault. It can of course happen at home or anywhere else where there are overhead dangers, so you need to keep your wits about you. A few ways to avoid these types of injuries include:

  • Wearing a helmet in environments with falling object hazards (such as a construction site)
  • Making sure that heavy objects are stored and secured safely
  • Using ladders and lifts to retrieve heavy objects from high areas

Road accidents

Many road accidents, including collisions between vehicles or collisions involving pedestrians, can lead to bone fracture injuries. The types of fractures sustained can be quite severe – some of the most common bone fractures include the femur, humerus and spine.

It is not always possible to avoid being in an accident, however you can reduce the risk of most accidents occuring by exercising caution on the road. This includes only crossing the road where there are lights, keeping your eyes on the road when driving and not driving while tired or inebriated. A few other ways to avoid bone fractures from road accidents include:

  • Wearing a seatbelt when driving
  • Carrying out regular inspections on your vehicle to ensure that it’s safe
  • Wearing a helmet when cycling

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