Why Should You Use Fake Plants Instead of Real Plants?

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If you want to add color to your indoor or outdoor space in your house you can opt for plants. They can be easily added to the home décor of your house. However, many of us don’t have much time to take care of the plants. So, for people who have less time to invest in keeping the real plants alive, they can go for the new trend which has become very popular nowadays.

Reasons to Get a Fake plant

Get yourself fake plants. Artificial or fake plants have a lot of benefits: The first being you can never kill it. These plants need very little maintenance and can be moved from one room to another without you worrying about the room getting dirty or messy because water spills or dirt on the floor of your house. Also, these plants are unaffected by snow or heat, so will last for a very long time. Listed below are some of the reasons why the fake plants are better than real ones.

Low Maintenance

Many of us forget to water our real plants every day. It is a very basic task, but sometimes even the most basic of tasks are not easy to remember. Some of us don’t even understand the amount of water plants require, which in turn, leads to death of the plants. So, it’s actually much better to buy a fake plant as it does not need to be watered and requires very little maintenance. These plants look great when placed in dining areas, on book shelves, and on bathroom windowsills. You can even decorate your office area with an artificial fiddle-leaf fig tree, which attracts a lot of attention as it looks amazing. These plants give you a fresh feel and you don’t even have to worry about their survival.


If you have kids or pets at home, getting real plants such as aloe vera, lily, and fiddle-leaf can be dangerous as the leaves of these plants are toxic to cats, dogs, and even your kids. Although not all plants are toxic, we should play it safe. You might even get mud and dirt all over your house as most young kids love to play with mud.

Quality and Look

If you get a good quality fake or artificial plant, they look very similar to the real ones. People used to think of fake plants as low-quality and tacky. Even now, some shops sell fake plants that don’t look good, so it is very important that you make sure that the plant you are buying is not made of low-grade materials. These plants might cost you a bit more if they are good quality, but as they will last for a very long time. They are a good one-time investment.

Mixing of Fake with Real

A good fake plant will blend in well with real plants and look natural. It will give a fresh and lively feel to your garden or home.

Image Credits: Huy Phan

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